Thankful Thursday: Sweatin’ It

Earlier this week, I was given the thumbs up by my doctor to finally start exercising again! Woot Woot! A little background: I stopped working out somewhere around my 37th week of pregnancy and was instructed to do nothing but walk or pick up the baby since having the little dude….which was seven weeks ago.

So, in total, I’ve gone at least ten weeks without a sweat session which is the longest break in physical activity I’ve had in….hmmm…maybe forever? Despite the freshman 15 (that hung on for a lot longer than freshman year) and my beer-guzzling weekends in college, I played rugby and managed to workout every now and then (even if it wasn’t consistent). Going back further, high school and junior high were full of sports. Surprisingly, this is the longest I’ve ever not worked out. Woah.

So, ten weeks and…… not sure if I ever divulged the awesome total to you all, but on the day my baby boy was born, I had gained a total of 44 pounds. 44 POUNDS! Yeah. That’s, like, a first grader. I gave birth to a first grader. Oh, wait. I didn’t…..he was only 8lbs 7.5oz. So…uhm, what’s the deal with the other 35.5lbs? I guess that’s where all those egg nog lattes went.

Ten weeks, 44 lbs, countless egg nog lattes. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Although, I have to admit that most of it has shed itself over the past seven weeks. My little dude keeps me pretty busy and I thank the heavens for the energy I had to keep up physical activity while pregnant as I’ve lost all but the last six pounds. However, I was six pounds heavier than I should have been before I got knocked up, so I really need to lose twelve pounds. And it’s a stubborn twelve pounds and it all resides on my midsection.

Twelve pounds in the donut roll? (Read: my family’s catchy little name for the ring o’ fat around the waist.) Yeah. Buh-Bye bikinis! As if I ever wore a bikini before, I’m way to self-conscious for that. At this point I should probably be saying farewell to swimsuits entirely….but I have goals. And those goals include palm trees, ocean breezes (I think that’s the name of a cocktail, if not, add beachy-sounding cocktails) and swimwear.

So, needless to say, I’m anxious to get back on the workout wagon. I absolutely cannot wait to lace up my running shoes but, in a weird twist of fatty fate, I’m suffering a cold this week and probably shouldn’t push the cardio. Puh. Too excited to wait any longer, I busted out my yoga DVD and got work with it yesterday. It was everything I’d hoped it’d be. In fact, it was more. This may be a whole different post, but I’m digging ‘mama and baby’ yoga. It’s fun…and the little guy seems to like it, too.

One day of exercise complete and, despite this stuffy head, I’m already feeling back to myself. And I’m excited about the activities to come. I have visions of myself being all super-yogini and, like, balancing on one finger with my legs twisted in the air while radiating some kind of calming essence. Or of being the fastest mom ever to run. Ever.

Hey, visualization is important. But let’s be realistic, those things likely won’t happen. Regardless, I’m super thankful to be able to run, do yoga, and get back to feeling like myself again. On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for exercise! Enjoy your day and bust out a little shweaty-sesh if you can!

Me. Post-marathon 2010. I will feel like this again. I will feel like this again.

Workout Wednesday Returns!

via Pinterest.

I accidentally tried a new workout this week. I’m purposefully not going out of my workout comfort zone of moderate runs and yoga just to be sure we’re keeping the baby safe, but I stumbled upon a new class that I think I might do again.

I went to my usual Monday night yoga practice (after two weeks of missed classes) looking forward to a relaxing stretch session. I was surprised to see a substitute instructor who looked really amp’d up. I thought to myself…why is this mystery lady so perky for yoga??

She explained that Kim (our usual gal) was out that night and she would be teaching a modified version of Will Power & Grace to us in place of yoga. I considered leaving until she explained what the class would include. Will Power & Grace is essentially a cardio workout combined with yoga/pilates basics (that’s a really simplified version of the description). It included a lot of lower-body strengthening moves with light cardio to keep up our heart rates and get us moving. We used our yoga mats and remained barefoot using only our body weight for resistance.

I found myself LOVING it! Getting an unexpected sweat session and a good strengthening/stretching workout in one class was AWESOME! The core moves were all plank-style (totally okay for the one in-utero), the cardio was equivalent to a light jog, and we worked leg muscles I forgot I had (until yesterday when I woke up a little sore).

I’m not sure if there’s a 24 Hour Fitness in your area but I’m sure a lot of gyms offer some kind of cardio-infused yoga or pilates. I definitely recommend checking them out!

P.S. After posting this, Stacey Lei Krauss, founder of the willPower Method, contacted me! She was thankful that I gave the class a try, was very sweet and even offered advice for continuing the willPower & Grace class in my pregnancy. Isn’t that awesome!?!

Stop by her site, like them on Facebook, and definitely give one of her classes a try!

Workout Wednesday: Music

Good Morning!

Well, another slow workout week has come and gone for me. I swear the day I started tracking my sweat sessions to share with you all, I started working out less! Or, perhaps I’m just realizing that I didn’t run or do yoga as much as I thought I did….Hmmm?

Well, either way, it’s so helpful to reflect on my exercise habits and look for ways to improve them each week. Many thanks once again to all of you for providing me this support!

This week, I’ve been thinking about how to make my cardio and yoga sessions a bit more fun. I think it’s probably time to take a good look at my standard running playlist and change things up!

Via Lyrics to Live By

Right now, my playlist looks like this (not always listened to in this order):
  • Ke$ha: Tik Tok    <– I’ll never tire of this song.
  • Social Distortion: Angel’s Wings
  • Stone Temple Pilots: Hollywood Bi**h
  • Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers: Mekong
  • Dropkick Murphy’s: Amazing Grace
  • The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night
  • Jane’s Addiction: Superhero
  • Eazy-E: Gimme That Nut    <– This is mildly embarrassing. 
  • Union Underground: Killing the Fly
  • Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers: Easy
  • Ke$ha: Your Love is My Drug

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a very motivating list! I love me some RCPM & Ke$ha…clearly. But, it’s time to change things up a bit! I’d love your suggestions for ways to improve it.  I plan to make an additional yoga playlist with softer, calming music, too. (I don’t have a yoga list at all! I do yoga in silence: lame.)

So, without further stalling, my workout schedule for the last week is below. Scoff if you will, it’s pretty light, but for two days I have the excuse of being attacked by a flying insect:

  • Wednesday 7/6: Off
  • Thursday 7/7: Off
  • Friday 7/8: 3 Mile Run
  • Satuday 7/9: 2.5 Mile Run – Shorter cause I was stung by a wasp. Ouch!
  • Sunday 7/10: Off – Swollen leg from wasp sting.
  • Monday 7/11: Off – Swollen leg from wasp sting.
  • Tuesday 7/12: 30 min yoga

So, there ya have it. Laziness and nature got the best of me (darn you wasp!). But, now I’m looking forward to building my new playlist and going for run a later today!

Don’t forget to send me your music suggestions (for running or yoga)!