Here’s to One More Week!

Happy Friday!

I am so glad the weekend is here! And, we only have ONE WEEK left until our due date! I keep hearing that babies are unpredictable so…..he could come at any time!

I thought a quick recap of the Baby List updates might be in order as we’re approaching the end of this crazy nine months.

Updating you on our preparations has been so fun (and therapeutic)! Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement! This is such an exciting (and also scary) time!

1. Decorate & Complete the NurseryDone! Brown & Gold. Sports. And little Cowboys.

2.Write a Letter to Baby & Save for a Time in the FutureIn progress.

3. Get the Spouse the Perfect Dad Gift Done! I haven’t posted it yet because I don’t want him to see it ahead of time. I’ll share with you all after the little guy arrives.

4. Continue Exercising (Cardio & Yoga)Done! With the exception of the last two weeks, I worked out for pretty much the whole nine months. There was a break here and there, and some inconsistency – some weeks only one workout, others four! I can’t say I was perfect or kept it up the entire time but I feel pretty good about what got done. You can read my update here. And here are a couple of pregnancy race recaps: 1, 2

5. Make a Special Welcome Gift for BabyIncomplete :( This project has been put off weekend after weekend. Maybe this weekend it’ll happen?

6. Select God ParentsDone! Read all about my brother and sister.

7. Schedule a Spa/Relaxation DayDone! It was glorious.

8. Write a Thank You Letter to My Mother Done! Yesterday’s Thankful Thursday.

9. Buy as Few Maternity Clothes as PossibleDone! Shared a little advice and my favorite spots to shop.

We’re getting close! Bah!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. You can read all my pregnancy posts here.

The Baby List: #1

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share Baby List Item #1: Decorate & Complete the Nursery with all of you today!

The spouse and I agreed very early on that our little man would have a room inspired by our alma mater, the University of Wyoming! We combo’d UW’s Prairie Gold & Brown with some of our favorite sports and a few Cowboy touches to come up with a pretty fun room for our little dude.

As always, I wish my pictures were better! I tried taking them in the early morning light and, well, I still take a bad photo. Puh. I hope the fun of the room isn’t lost in the bad photography!

Of course, we have a couple of things left to do like install the video monitor and add a shelf above the changing table, but for the most part the room is done! I am so excited to cross this item off the list and happy our little boy has a room to call his own.

Did you spy the little booties on the changing table? Well, while I’m sharing photos, I just have to show off his cool mustache shoes. These were compliments of my wacky cousin, Richard, and his girlfriend, Keryn. They are too fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

The Baby List Update: #9 Maternity Clothes

Happy Monday!

I fear I have to go back on a promise I made to you so long ago. I said I wouldn’t be turning this into a pregnancy blog….but this week I have a feeling we’ll be a little heavier on the baby content than in previous weeks. I apologize to my not-interested-in-baby-talk readers! I have a lot of list items to update you on. Yay for progress!

To kick off the week, I thought I’d start with something a bit light-hearted….fashion! Way back when I made the list, and I imagined myself being a tiny pregnant woman, I added #9 to the Baby List: Buy as few Maternity Clothes as Possible. Well, despite not being tiny….oy, this baby is huge…I can say this was achieved!

Truthfully, Bump It Up saved me. This book taught me some of the basics and I applied them to every stage of pregnancy. Instead of dropping hundreds on maternity clothes, I followed some of their simple guidelines and made a few of my own:

1. Don’t be afraid to borrow from a friend! As I said before, I was so fortunate to receive piles of super-cute maternity clothes from my sister and girlfriends, so I had an advantage on this goal. Of course, only use the stuff that’s still in good shape, in style, fits your body properly, and – most importantly – you feel great in.

2. Invest in a few, simple pieces – This advice is straight out of Bump It Up. Don’t worry about getting several pairs of jeans or multiple dresses for events. Buy only a few items that are basic and can be worn over and over: one quality pair of jeans that fit you well, a long pregnancy tank, leggings, etc. With a few basics, you’ll be able to create a lot of looks with the additional advice below.

3. Use pre-pregnancy pieces with the above-mentioned staples. (Also from Bump It Up). Wear your structured blazers, flowy cardigans, knee-high boots, maxi-skirts, etc. from your pre-bump days over the basics to create endless looks. For example, there’s no reason to drop a lot of cash a pregnancy cardigan. Wear one you already own over your long pregnancy tank and belt it just under your ginormous rack.

4. Accessorize! (From Bump It Up) From what I hear, wearing jewelry around a baby is near impossible, so take advantage of this time to wear your favorite baubles. You’ll be able to change the basic jeans and pregnancy tank into countless outfits by switching out jackets, scarves, necklaces, handbags, and shoes. And ladies, don’t toss out your high heels right away. I wouldn’t torture yourself, but wearing heels can make you look slimmer, more polished, and gives you more footwear options.

5. Embrace your bump. Don’t try to hide your baby under baggy shirts or sloppy clothes. During the first trimester, wearing baggy clothes will help keep your new weight gain a secret until you’re ready to announce your news, but that’s the only time to hide! I’m not suggesting you wear belly exposing clothes or anything that’s too tight, but let that glorious bump be seen by belting baggy shirts, wearing slimming pants, etc.

In the end, I borrowed quite a few maternity clothes, was given some as gifts, and only purchased a handful of pieces. I quickly found that I wasn’t impressed with Motherhood Maternity or A Pea in Pod, but did find a couple of sites that offered cute maternity clothes at a reasonable price.

And of course, Old Navy and Target have some inexpensive and trendy options, too.

Hope you all have a great week! I’m excited to share tomorrow’s Baby List Update with you……#1: Complete the Nursery!

Baby List Update: #6

Oh my, this baby is getting so close to arriving! Every day I wake up a little more ready to meet him….and a little more anxious!

While he’s been growing and preparing his little body to enter the world, I’ve been creating non-stop To Do lists and getting hung up on weird little details that seem necessary to welcome him. You know, like replacing the handles on my dresser drawers….as if the baby cares? I just want to make a good impression. I hope he likes us.

I’m kind of sucker for weird details. In most areas of life, I jump into the tactical details and skip the big picture planning. (Hmmmm….I see a future blog post coming). Lately, I’ve been worried about hanging the curtains in the nursery and getting the car seat installed, meanwhile the child is still unnamed. Poor baby boy. He has such a neurotic and, yet, simultaneously disorganized mother.

In efforts to get my To Do list under control, I recently started planning his baptism and realized I hadn’t done the most important step….Item #6 – Select God Parents! In my religion, being a God Parent is big deal. It’s a lifelong commitment to a special soul to give them guidance and spiritual strength so they can establish a true connection with their faith.

The spouse and I discussed and selected my sister, Maggie, and my brother, Logan, to provide this spiritual guidance and fill such a pivotal role in our baby’s life. They both accepted! A HUGE thank you to both of them!

Now that the big important step is taken, I can jump back into the details and start worrying if we should have a party after the ceremony, who to invite, what to get him as a baptism gift, and all the other unnecessary, silly details that I’ll let consume me.

Baby List Update: #4

Well, all the motivation I had on Monday is starting to disappear. As the week gets busier, I’m getting more tired! In efforts to keep up the energy until the weekend gets here (and somehow never fails to recharge me even if we’re swamped), I’ve remembered to practice a lesson I’ve learned time and time again. When tired, workout.

So, I thought I’d update you on the progress of Item 4 from the Baby List: Continue Exercising (Cardio & Yoga).

My status so far? Not half-bad! I haven’t actually run since January 1st, but I have kept up walking on the treadmill or using the stationary bike about once a week. I get in a little weightlifting about once a week and I’ve been pretty religious about prenatal yoga. I am not sticking to my original plan as diligently as I should…it was was a lofty goal to schedule five workouts a week. However, I am averaging around three a week so not too shabby. Disclosure: Last week, due to my super-cold, I did not work out with the exception of half of a yoga session.

I find the most refreshing and invigorating workout is yoga. I’ve been using Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga DVD and it’s awesome. She includes modifications and poses for all three trimesters of pregnancy and discusses which exercises are most important to prepare you for the big event.

Prenatal Yogavia Green Parentood

I have to admit…. I giggle at the outfits they’re wearing, snicker at the positions of some poses (cause I’m extremely immature), and always think of the Shiva on The League when she introduces herself, so, part of the good energy I’m harnessing via yoga might just be from laughing. Meh, as long as it’s positive.

I’d say this list item is only 6.5 weeks (Holy mackerel! I’m having a baby in 6.5 weeks!) away from being accomplished! I’m feeling pretty good (thanks exercise!) and will keep on this path as long as I can.

Not feeling a workout but need a boost? Go ahead and giggle at this silly dinosaur below and call it a rest day. Yoga-humor….hahaha. Laughter can be just as invigorating as exercise.

Dinosaur Yogavia Healthy Tipping Point