Thankful Thursday: Snow

Greetings from chilly Colorado!

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in CO we’ve been seriously snowed on. It all started Tuesday night and continued to come down yesterday morning. In my backyard, we had about eight inches. That’s a LOT of freakin’ frosty flakes! (Alliteration?…oh, yes).

Waking up to fresh snow is like waking up in a new, clean world. Everything is crisp and white; places that are familiar when full of green foliage take on an entirely new character and become an unexplored, new terrain. Trees look majestic, the mountains look more regal, and the plains resemble the ocean sparkling under the sun thanks to their blanket of cold crystals.

Snow really can be magical. To completely change a familiar landscape with a simple dusting of white reminds me that sometimes we need to look at our life through a different lens or a new filter. When we see the same thing every day, expect the same thing every day,  and feel the same thing every day we start to take things for granted and stop seeing all the world has to offer. Try it out – take a good look at difficult, stale or uninteresting situation you may be in. Then, dust it off and polish it up to look at it from a different point of view. You might be surprised by what you haven’t seen as an option or solution before.

Or use this little lesson to change your overall outlook if you find you often feel burdened or disappointed by what you’ve been given in life. For example, it’s easy to complain about the cold weather – slick highways, runny noses, and dirty cars . Try, instead, to focus on the positive – a slower-paced drive, perfectly pink cheeks, and butt warmers (thank you heated seats!). I know not every situation is this simple, but if we focus on the good when it comes to the easy stuff it’ll help us better handle the not-so-easy stuff.

Whew, all that from a little snow – told you it was magical.

So, for today’s Thankful Thursday, I am clearly thankful for snow! What are you thankful for?

via flickr.
Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! via Pinterest.
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Photo By Elaine Connolly <– that’s my mom!
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via Polish My Crown.
Photo By Elaine Connolly.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Well, it’s here!

The first snow of the season has arrived and it showed up in full force. Our neighborhood is a winter wonderland of white….and fallen down trees. For those not familiar with fall in Colorado, we have a gorgeous fall with red, yellow and orange trees full of leaves but we always, always, always get a huge snowfall before the leaves have dropped. The result – tree limbs snapping under the weight of our white, powdery, Colorado precipitation.

This morning, as I dragged broken aspen and twisted willow branches around my backyard into a pile, I let the dogs out to explore the new chilly terrain. I couldn’t resist sharing some photos with you because these two pups had me cracking up. Simcoe, the English Mastiff, (about 10 months old) LOVED the snow. Barley, the Pug, (almost 6 years) was not as impressed.

Not sure at first if this is okay.

Could he BE any cuter?
Crazy Snow Dog.
Hiding out under the deck (and our now-frozen tomato plants) where it’s dry. Silly pug.

Just a side note – I may or may not be listening to Christmas music while I type this. The holidays are just around the corner! Bah!

Hope wherever you are, you’re staying warm! Happy Snow Day from Colorado!