The Simple Summer List

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re all enjoying this fabulous Friday, this lovely July, this wonderful Summer! As per usual, summer is passing by faster than I’d like it to and before we know it, it’ll be fall. (Proof: I was pinning Christmas ideas this morning. I’m sorry I can’t help it…I’m addicted to sugar plums and holly!).

Anyway, every September I look back on the summer that just zipped on by and wish I would have ______. There’s always something. “It was too fast and I didn’t get to go on a bike ride.” “I didn’t eat a popsicle!” “I never went to the pool!” Whatever it may be, not a summer passes where I don’t have just a teensy bit of regret for not doing something. And the kicker, it’s always the simplest things…like the examples above. (BTW – I’ve had, like, a million popsicles this summer. Popsicles will not be on the list.)

So, this summer is the exception! Not only have the spouse and I been enjoying our long summer days with BBQ competitions, gardening, and hosting mini-parties on our deck (and eating popsicles), but I’m committed to doing all the summer activities that I deeply enjoy for the next couple of months.

So, I present to you, The Simple Summer List. If you want to join me for any of the activities below, I’d love the company!  Leave a comment or contact me via Twitter!

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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Earlier this week, I was invited to a picnic with two of my very best girlfriends. They had planned a lunch date under the trees with their adorable children and invited me to join in the outdoor feast!

I had so much fun sitting on a blanket in the shade with my best buds watching their kids play in the park! The gals brought delicious lunchtime treats including fruit, meats & cheeses, sparkling water, crackers, and a delicious spinach artichoke dip. I was responsible for dessert so I brought cookies and brownies – the kids enjoyed those!

It was truly a wonderful treat to share in their fun afternoon and I recommend taking the time to plan your own picnic some time soon….while the summer is still here!

Still smiling today, I have to say that on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for picnics! Thank you, ladies, for inviting me to join you!

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