Motivation Monday: Eight Questions

Happy Monday, folks! How was your weekend? Mine was surprisingly relaxing. I feel recharged for the week!

Except I want to use my energy to play outside, decorate my dining room, or go for run. As is typical for a case of the Mondays, I’m feeling a little uninspired to work (you, too?).

So, how can we kick-start our week and get our minds all work-ified?

A list. (Of course.) But not just any list. This is a list of questions to get our minds churning and ready for desk action. But first, some credit where credit is due:

My boss reads a lot. And, he likes to send my coworkers and I helpful articles he finds on the interwebs. Last week, he sent out 10 Questions To Start Your Week to our sales team and cc’d me (it’s from the Sales Blog). Although I am not in sales (persuasion is not my thing), I found it to be incredibly helpful.

However, some of the questions don’t really apply to my job. So, I reformatted it and took a different look at the questions to be a bit more generic.

To get motivated, write down an answer to the questions below and you’ll have everything you need to start your week on the right foot. After you’ve answered each of the eight questions, just try not to be productive. I dare you.

1.  Who do you need to thank this week? Who helped with a project at work last week, who helped with a personal situation? Who referred a client, forwarded a helpful article or made a good recommendation? Tell them thanks.

2. What commitments have you made that you need to keep this week? You signed up to volunteer for something, didn’t you? Did you promise an email/call/follow up to someone?  Don’t stand them up. Keep your word.

3. What is one task you need to accomplish to work towards a bigger goal/project? Sure, your priority at work this week might be logistics for a tradeshow, but there is likely a long-term project or a big goal that there is just never enough time for. There is, isn’t there? What is one thing you can do to take a step towards it this week?

4. What have you been avoiding? Is there a task (or several) that you’ve been purposefully putting off? Get it done. At least, get it started. Crossing it off your list will feel ah-mazing.

5. Who can you help? How can you reach out and give value to someone other than yourself this week?

6. What will you do to improve yourself? It’s not always about the job or other people. How can you cultivate your own interests, expand your knowledge on an important topic, or be sure you have enough energy to tackle the day-to-day this week?

7. What lessons have you not put into action yet? Maybe you read an article with great organization ideas recently or picked up some tips to be more productive. Or perhaps you had a really awesome idea that you just haven’t put into motion yet. Think about the last couple of weeks or months and take a lesson you’ve recently learned or an idea you want to explore and apply it to your work this week.

8. Who do you have to be? What kind of person do you need to be to achieve everything you want this week? (Besides a busy one. Pssh.)

All right, look at your answers. Still feeling a case of the Mondays? Didn’t think so… go get ’em!

(Uh, if you still feel uninspired, then grab another cup of coffee and hope for a better outlook tomorrow, I guess.)

Have a great week! Image

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Sick Lists


That was me all weekend.

Except I was under a bright purple slanket (Snuggie to those of you who don’t love Liz Lemon). And the couch was covered in dog hair. And a baby was poking me in the eye. Also, I only got to actually lie like that in between running regular weekend errands and chasing a surprisingly fast rug-rat. But, basically, the picture above describes how my days ‘off’ went down.

Being sick is the pits. I was grumpy and achy and just plain miserable.

And isn’t it always when you’re sick that suddenly you feel the need to do everything in the world? While sick, I looked up half-marathons I wanted to run, admired charities that other people have recently started, planned every little detail of the baby’s first birthday party, and pinned all sorts of home improvement tweaks and decor ideas. It’s like as soon as I know I can do nothing but sniffle and sneeze, suddenly I want to do it all. And it makes being sick so much worse. (Insert world’s tiniest violin.)

Of course, now that I’m in the foggy aftermath of Nyquil – walking that fine line between under-the-weather and feeling grrrreeaat! – I can feel reality settling in. My long list of ‘When I get better I’m gonna …’ is quickly losing it’s appeal. Meh.

I’m hoping to hang on to a shred of motivation to do a few of the things I planned, but for now I’m just happy that I can breath with my mouth closed.

How about you … do dream big when you’re sick?

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Thankful Thursday: Motivation

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Today I am thankful for motivation!!! And I’m finding the inspiration to get motivated in all sorts of places….

First, I’m reading this book, Eat that Frog! It couldn’t be more perfect for me. It’s all about how to stop procrastinating and get things done. And do you know how? With lists!! Glorious lists! Lists of monthly ‘to do’ items, lists of weekly tasks, lists of today’s activities. It talks about prioritizing lists, listing your goals, listing the steps to achieve said goals. Oh, it’s just oozing with list-love.

I love it. My notebooks are full, my pen is out of ink and my fingers are sore, but I’m ready. I’m motivated to get it all done… from buy a teething ring for the baby to writing a book.

Bring it, hopes and dreams. Bring it.

Second, I read all about this race. And then I got three of my besties to commit to doing it with me!

Of course, I can’t be unprepared now can I? So, I’m motivated to work out and run my not-so-little-rear-end off. We’re gonna get in shape and feed the hungry. Let’s DO this!

And last, but never least, let’s not forget this guy:

He, who motivates me to be better person, is on the Thankful list every.single.time. Love that little looker.

Happy Thankful Thursday!!

What motivates you?

The Simple Summer List

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re all enjoying this fabulous Friday, this lovely July, this wonderful Summer! As per usual, summer is passing by faster than I’d like it to and before we know it, it’ll be fall. (Proof: I was pinning Christmas ideas this morning. I’m sorry I can’t help it…I’m addicted to sugar plums and holly!).

Anyway, every September I look back on the summer that just zipped on by and wish I would have ______. There’s always something. “It was too fast and I didn’t get to go on a bike ride.” “I didn’t eat a popsicle!” “I never went to the pool!” Whatever it may be, not a summer passes where I don’t have just a teensy bit of regret for not doing something. And the kicker, it’s always the simplest things…like the examples above. (BTW – I’ve had, like, a million popsicles this summer. Popsicles will not be on the list.)

So, this summer is the exception! Not only have the spouse and I been enjoying our long summer days with BBQ competitions, gardening, and hosting mini-parties on our deck (and eating popsicles), but I’m committed to doing all the summer activities that I deeply enjoy for the next couple of months.

So, I present to you, The Simple Summer List. If you want to join me for any of the activities below, I’d love the company!  Leave a comment or contact me via Twitter!

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Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Solstice!

It has been hot, hot, hot in Colorado. But, despite our raging temps, I couldn’t be happier that my favorite season has arrived!

This summer is extra special because I get to share it with my little guy….it’s his first summer ever! That means his first camping trip (hopefully), his first day at the pool, his first 4th of July, his first picnic, his first Labor Day, his first pair of sunglasses, his first time in swim trunks…..

The list goes on and on! I am thrilled to share these special moments with the little dude and am looking forward to a summer full of fun, sunshine, and memories. There are so many things to do in the summer months….I’m thinking a Summer List might be in order!

But, Stacey, shouldn’t you finish your Baby List and 30 Before 30 List first?


Okay. You’re right. I do have a few updates on the Baby List that I never shared which I promise to post soon. And I’m working on those Classic books and flat abs I never finished before 30. I think adding a few summer-inspired ‘to do’s’ will be just the thing we need to get this blog in full swing again (oh yeah…sorry for my absence…being a mom is time-consuming).

So, the Summer List is on its way….. In the meantime, bust out your sunnies, unwrap a frozen treat, and enjoy the summer sun!

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Eager to Learn

Happy Wednesday!

Last week, during my little hiatus from blogging, I finally visited the Northern Colorado Writers’ office for a seminar. Attending a writing class/seminar was on my list and I had found a class through NCW to attend last spring. Well, schedules changed, conflicts arose, and sure enough, I couldn’t attend. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the stars and schedules aligned and I was able to attend a session last week! Wa-hoo!

The class I took was “Organizing Your Writing Life,” hosted by Kerri Flanagan (pictured below). I couldn’t have picked a better topic to kick off my first visit to a writing group. One of the things I struggle with the most is finding the time and self-discipline to just sit down and write.

Of course, I showed up late (seems like what I really need is an “Organizing Your Life” class, huh?), took a seat, and pulled out a new journal that a good friend gave me as encouragement to start a book (thanks, buddy!). I inscribed a little motivation on the inside cover.

Overall, the class was awesome! I gained some valuable insights into the world of freelance writing, learned a few tips for organizing my time, and picked up some great resources.

Honestly, I was surprised by how much I learned from the class. I assumed I’d walk away with a snippet or two of information, but instead left with my head full of ideas, new plans, and an enthusiasm to start writing more frequently!

I enjoyed the class so much that I plan to attend more sessions and possibly join the group as a full-fledged member (not sure if my blog really makes me any kind of writer but hopefully they’ll take me!). I left the class a happy gal:

How about youIs there something you’ve been wanting to learn about, a class you’ve wanted to take, or a new skill you’re hoping to pick up? Tell me about it and what you’ve done to start working on it!