Thankful Thursday: A Baby Shower

It’s our last Thankful Thursday in 2011….can you believe it?? To make this Thankful Thursday an extra special day, I wanted to share with you the amazing baby shower that my family threw in anticipation of our baby boy’s arrival.

I am so very lucky to have a huge family full of loving, funny, creative, and talented people. In addition to flying me out for a girls’ weekend on the east coast, my adorable kin hosted an incredibly thoughtful (and super fun) vintage baby shower for me and the little bump. To top it off, my lovely sister, Maggie, and dear friend, Jesse, joined me for the trip! It was an incredible weekend!

The amazing “Bun in the Oven” theme was cooked up by my mom and sister, Kate. Personalized invitations were hand-drawn by my talented friend, Keryn, and my awesome cousin, Richard (plus they framed the original artwork for me to take home!).

Guests were invited to share wishes for our little man while they sat at tables adorned with vintage table clothes and old-school toys – thanks to the imagination of my Aunt Roni and cousin, Janel.

The food (oh the food!) was AMAZING! My Aunt Edna, Aunt Roni, Grandma, Mom, Sister, Cousin Lori, Cousin Janel, and Cousin Jared poured their hearts into a deliciously classic feast with homemade turkey pot pies, a delectable fennel salad, buttered brussel sprouts, and hearty sandwiches.

And dessert! They had every kind of pie you could imagine as well as cake pops that tasted just as amazing as they looked…compliments of the adorable Brittany. We also enjoyed egg nog, hot apple cider, and a yummy fizzy punch (with champagne on the side).

These creative ladies didn’t stop there. The chalkboard details, blue checkered napkins, and rustic buckets gave an extra bit of vintage to the eclectic decor, but to top it off, the hosts of the shower wore hand-made aprons (made by my Aunt Roni and my cousin, Richard)! Aren’t they adorable?!

And wait….there’s more!!! While I couldn’t resist snapping my own photos to share with you and capture the memory of such a special day, my dear friend Jesse documented the day professionally. Please check out her photos over at freckle photography. Mine don’t do the shower justice!

I’m so thankful for the many friends and family gathered to help us celebrate our little bundle of joy (due on March 9th). I am still overwhelmed with gratitude for the delightful shower, the gifts upon gifts received, and the time spent with such wonderful people.

On this Thankful Thursday, I couldn’t be anymore appreciative of the fantastic women (and men) who put together such a special day. I’ll keep the memories of that weekend with me always and can’t wait until our little guy is here and can meet his amazing family.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Thankful Thursday: Friends

Recently, I witnessed the generosity, empathy, tact, wisdom, love, and compassion that my friends have for each other.

Of course, I’ve always know they’re great. I’ve always been thankful for the hours of fun and years of good memories we’ve made. I’ve been even more grateful for someone to always get a glass of wine with, someone to tell me my jeans make me look skinny, and someone who volunteers when I need help.

But now more than ever, I’m overwhelmed with appreciation just to be in the company of such a compassionate and selfless group. And I realized that if I’m ever faced with difficult times, I’m going to need this group of people more than I can ever imagine.

Sometimes it may seem like getting coffee or a quick chat with a friend is too time-consuming or not important. The demands of work and family make a ‘girls night’ seem trivial or give you an excuse to skip your book club. But I think these small events and conversations are more important to women than we realize. When it comes to friends, you choose them. Whether it was their laugh, their creativity, their style, or their kindness that first attracted you to them, there is a reason that you’ve brought them in to your life. That reason that you’ve created a friendship around will help you improve yourself, impact your mental health, and increase your overall happiness.

By spending time with other women you enjoy, you’ll likely be better equipped to handle all the other demands of life. And if you ever fall down, you’ll know they’ll be there to help you up. So, take the time to be thankful for those who call themselves your friends – make that coffee date, pick up the phone, or send them note. They’ll be thankful for you, too.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


Who Inspires You?

(Photo via That Kind of Woman via Bearnaked)

Today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge asks us to post a picture of the person who inspires you. I considered many people who have mentored, guided, protected, and helped me along the way, but it came down to two ladies that I am in constant awe of: Jesse & Kate.


(Photos via freckle photography)

My dear friend is the epitome of the WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). Raising two children with her spouse, she is a full-time mom who not only is a Marketing Manager for two firms but is a very successful family Photographer as well. She chairs an incredible event, Wyoming Art for the Cure, and manages to balance all of this with a smile. Her seemingly limitless levels of creativity, zest for trying new things, and impossible accomplishment of literally every task she sets out to do inspires me daily to try harder to be a well-rounded person, be kind, and enjoy life.


My wonderful sista. Expecting her first son this summer, Kate is also a marvel of a modern woman. As a Natural & Organics Foods Broker by day and Financial Advisory student by night, she somehow never seems to tire. Committed to healthy living, she embraces running and yoga along with a natural, eco-friendly diet and lifestyle. Grounded in her beliefs, she is a strong and independent woman who always puts family first. And her charm, flair for fashion, and ability to make any situation fun naturally attracts people to her. She inspires me to always put my best face forward, make fun a priority, and of course, eat my veggies. Follow @kate_lindsey on Twitter.

Thank You to: The *faBuLous* Project

Remember being 7 years old and playing dress-up with your friends? Decking yourselves out in mom’s high heels, pretty dresses and costume jewelry? And how about in jr. high and high school?** Wasn’t it fun trying on outfit after outfit, modeling options for your friends and flipping through fashion magazines? **You may not remember if were much cooler than I was and didn’t actually do that in high school.

Well, at 29, I got to relive those fun moments thanks to my great friend, Jesse! One of the very unique items from her own 30 Before 30 list was to do a photo shoot of close girlfriends called, the *faBuLous* project. Jesse has documented the project on her own blog, here. But I had such an amazing day and incredible fun, I just can’t help but recap the experience from the perspective of one of the “models.”

It started off like any other Sunday Funday with my favorite gal-pals…..I was late. I had spent the weekend camping and had about 45 minutes to go from “roughin‘ it” to “say cheese.” We had all been coached on clothing options prior to the day to ensure the jewel-toned color theme would work, so thankfully, my outfit had already been planned. :)

We kicked off the morning in an alley in downtown Fort Collins. Pressed up against a white-washed, brick wall, my best buds and I flashed our pearly whites while sipping on brightly-colored sodas. We giggled, caught up on each others’ lives and captured picture after picture in a variety of scenes with balloons, interesting locations and really great shoes.
After all the group shots were taken, Jesse asked each one of us to pose for a few individual photos. We followed each other around downtown to painted doorways, my favorite alley and the back-doors of frequently-visited FC bars while Jess snapped away.

I have to mention that she looked absolutely adorable (even while working so hard) in a Ann Taylor Loft one-shoulder dress, J. Crew flip-flops and a fabric yellow flower she made herself….darn her and her creative bones.
Amanda, Amy, Sheila, Kelly, Lisa and I all got our very own photo-blog spreads on Jesse’s page. I can’t begin to express how talented Jess is or how beautiful my friends are (on the inside and out. Awwww…..I’m sentimental like that). Take a gander at the lovely gals by clicking on their names above and try not to gawk too much at each of my bffhotties.
We finished off the afternoon with celebratory margaritas and lunch at the Rio….a perfect end to a wonderfully good time! Thanks so much to freckle photography for a very inspiring and wildly-original afternoon with *faBuLous* friends. I don’t know many women who get to play dress up and pretend like they’re a model at 29, but I guess I’m just a lucky girl.