Overwhelming Gratitude

At the moment, I’m sitting on my couch with a sweet little boy sleeping against my chest and two puppies sleeping on either side of me. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m surprised every minute by how thankful I am that this little man has come in to my life. Every time I look at his sweet face, my heart melts and I’m overtaken by love and gratitude. While I was sitting here today, staring at him and saying a little prayer of thanks for the teeny dude, I realized I have a lot of you to thank as well.

The past couple of weeks have been exciting and full of love…..but also extremely challenging. Although I haven’t written many posts about our first three weeks, I received a lot of love and support from so many of you who read this blog. I really appreciate all your words of wisdom, advice, and help. The little man in the pics below and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the encouragement you’ve given us! Thank you!!

P.S. If you haven’t yet looked at our newborn photos, please visit freckle photography to check them out! A HUGE thanks to my dear friend Jesse for taking such amazing pictures!

Here’s to Belly Shots!

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!

I could not be more pleased that the weekend is here. I see very little in my weekend future….except sleep. I think I’m finally recovering from this nasty cold but I’m not quite healthy yet. I’m really hoping to kick this thing completely by Sunday because it’s time to do maternity photos! (read: belly shots. Did anyone else, for just a second, think of taking a shot from someone’s naval when they read the words ‘belly shot’? No? Only me? Let’s move on.)

I’m going roll this butterball of a body in front of a camera and flash my pearly whites so years from now I can look back on this time and smile. It’s always fun to play model for a day so I can’t wait until the shoot (assuming my nose isn’t red and swollen and my eyes stop watering).

My dear friend, Jesse, over at freckle photography will be doing the shoot. She takes amazing photos and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the pics! I wanted to give her a little shout out and post some of the lovely pregnant ladies she’s captured over the years. Bonus – these ladies are some of my dearest friends. You better believe their just as amazing at being mama’s as they are beautiful.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!


Maternity Photo Freckle PhotographyMaternity Photo Freckle PhotographyMaternity Photo Freckle Photography

Maternity Photo Freckle PhotographyMaternity Photo Freckle PhotographyMaternity Photo Freckle Photography

Maternity Photo Freckle Photography

All photos by freckle photography. Click on any of the pics above to be taken to the complete photo shoots…there’s a lot more where these came from!

Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Good Morning!

Today I’m pushing back our typical Tasty Tuesday and instead sharing a very fun photo shoot with you! Recently, my dear friend, photographer, and blogger over at freckle photography, Jesse, did a photo shoot with me and my mom! I was so honored and excited when she asked me to participate and explained her idea for her new series ‘Lessons from My Mother’…which you can read all about here.

The basic rundown is my mom and I got to laugh, pose, and smile for the camera on Sunday evening and then I shared five life lessons that I’ve learned from my wise mama. I’ve previously written about my mom being my healthy role model and how incredibly proud of her I am, but this fun shoot gave me the opportunity to share some light-hearted and also super-important advice she’s given me over the years (for example, the correct undergarments can make or break an outfit).

Here are a couple of my favorite shots, but be sure to check out the whole shoot over at freckle photography!

A big thanks to Jesse for her inspiring idea and snapping such great images!

And, of course, a big thanks to my mom! Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Thank You to: The *faBuLous* Project

Remember being 7 years old and playing dress-up with your friends? Decking yourselves out in mom’s high heels, pretty dresses and costume jewelry? And how about in jr. high and high school?** Wasn’t it fun trying on outfit after outfit, modeling options for your friends and flipping through fashion magazines? **You may not remember if were much cooler than I was and didn’t actually do that in high school.

Well, at 29, I got to relive those fun moments thanks to my great friend, Jesse! One of the very unique items from her own 30 Before 30 list was to do a photo shoot of close girlfriends called, the *faBuLous* project. Jesse has documented the project on her own blog, here. But I had such an amazing day and incredible fun, I just can’t help but recap the experience from the perspective of one of the “models.”

It started off like any other Sunday Funday with my favorite gal-pals…..I was late. I had spent the weekend camping and had about 45 minutes to go from “roughin‘ it” to “say cheese.” We had all been coached on clothing options prior to the day to ensure the jewel-toned color theme would work, so thankfully, my outfit had already been planned. :)

We kicked off the morning in an alley in downtown Fort Collins. Pressed up against a white-washed, brick wall, my best buds and I flashed our pearly whites while sipping on brightly-colored sodas. We giggled, caught up on each others’ lives and captured picture after picture in a variety of scenes with balloons, interesting locations and really great shoes.
After all the group shots were taken, Jesse asked each one of us to pose for a few individual photos. We followed each other around downtown to painted doorways, my favorite alley and the back-doors of frequently-visited FC bars while Jess snapped away.

I have to mention that she looked absolutely adorable (even while working so hard) in a Ann Taylor Loft one-shoulder dress, J. Crew flip-flops and a fabric yellow flower she made herself….darn her and her creative bones.
Amanda, Amy, Sheila, Kelly, Lisa and I all got our very own photo-blog spreads on Jesse’s page. I can’t begin to express how talented Jess is or how beautiful my friends are (on the inside and out. Awwww…..I’m sentimental like that). Take a gander at the lovely gals by clicking on their names above and try not to gawk too much at each of my bffhotties.
We finished off the afternoon with celebratory margaritas and lunch at the Rio….a perfect end to a wonderfully good time! Thanks so much to freckle photography for a very inspiring and wildly-original afternoon with *faBuLous* friends. I don’t know many women who get to play dress up and pretend like they’re a model at 29, but I guess I’m just a lucky girl.