The Baby List: #1

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share Baby List Item #1: Decorate & Complete the Nursery with all of you today!

The spouse and I agreed very early on that our little man would have a room inspired by our alma mater, the University of Wyoming! We combo’d UW’s Prairie Gold & Brown with some of our favorite sports and a few Cowboy touches to come up with a pretty fun room for our little dude.

As always, I wish my pictures were better! I tried taking them in the early morning light and, well, I still take a bad photo. Puh. I hope the fun of the room isn’t lost in the bad photography!

Of course, we have a couple of things left to do like install the video monitor and add a shelf above the changing table, but for the most part the room is done! I am so excited to cross this item off the list and happy our little boy has a room to call his own.

Did you spy the little booties on the changing table? Well, while I’m sharing photos, I just have to show off his cool mustache shoes. These were compliments of my wacky cousin, Richard, and his girlfriend, Keryn. They are too fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Thankful Thursday: Home

Yesterday I found myself complaining to my mom about the light in our living room, the sheets in my bedroom, and the kitchen sink disposal. I frequently comment on my distaste for my backyard (due to gardener snakes), the too-small size of my house, and my lack of design skill. Insert world’s smallest violin.

Last night my sister and brother came down from Wyoming to visit with the spouse, me, and my mom. We all gathered in our “too-small” living/dining room after dinner and watched an incredible thunder/lightening/hail storm. I sat there with my family, awestruck at nature’s force, and realized just how thankful I am to have the home that I so frequently whine about.

Having a home means my spouse and I are building something together, it means my mom can visit for three weeks and stay comfortably in our guest room, it means my dogs can think they’re protecting it from strangers (and squirrels), it means my siblings can come together and celebrate a special occasion in a place where everyone can relax and be themselves. I too often complain about the state of my “starter” house so today I want to shout, “THANK YOU!!!” to the universe for giving me such a lovely, comfortable home.

My new sense of home appreciation has me drooling over design blogs in search of prints, housewares, and creative ideas to freshen up our tiny piece of real estate and keep this thankful train on track. Enjoy the pics and incredible design bloggers…they are some talented folks. Happy Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for today?

Via decor8. By Sania Pell.
Via A Cup of Jo. Via love made me do it.
Via Ebb & Flow. Via French by Design.
Via Alice in Desginland. Photos from Libby Alexander.
Via Marta Writes. From Pretty Prints from Volume 25 Etsy Shop.
Via Oh Happy Day. Kate Spade’s House photographed by Todd Selby.
Via One Sydney Road. From Pottery Barn.
Via eighteen25.