2014: The Year of Balance

Happy New Year!

Are we still saying that? It is already half-way through the first month of 2014… hard to be believe. Nonetheless, Happy New Year if I haven’t said it to you before today.

How are the new year resolutions going? I’m certain you’re all exceeding your own expectations.

Things have been a little wild in my corner of the world. The biggest news of all – I am starting a new job! I’m leaving my old company (which I’ll likely post about later this week) and will be starting as Marketing Manager of a new company next week. It’s amazing how life works out… I’m thrilled for a new adventure!

But, that’s not why I’m writing. Today, we’re talking about the new year and resolutions. Following my approach in 2013, I chose not to make resolutions this year. I know, list-lover that I am, it is odd to go against tradition on this one. But, I can’t shake the feeling that all the good from last year, as well as the ability to manage the bad, stemmed from my resolution to focus on the small stuff.

Yes, yes. Last year, I set out to accomplish all the little things – like flossing every night, regular exercise, and making my bed each morning,. Things someone in their thirties should probably have a good handle on, but I did not. I mean, who likes flossing? No one. But, my hope was that if I focused on little actions that they’d add up and turn into some big results. Luckily, they did just that.

2013 resulted in some major accomplishments and I’m so pleased with the year that I’d like to simply maintain all the good we were blessed with rather than reaching for anything new (except the job, of course!!).

So, in 2014, I’m focusing on balance. Last year, there were four months when all I did was run…. quite literally. There was several times where work was put before everything else. There have been more times that I can count when I look at my volunteer commitments and want to cry. Over the course of a year, it all evened itself out, but I know that my life was unbalanced at many times in efforts to achieve one thing or another.

In the new year, and with a new job, I hope to set realistic, achievable goals and set my boundaries and expectations early on. I hope to continue to workout regularly and make good eating choices even though I’ll be in an office again. I plan to spend less time on the computer and more time with my two guys and furry kids. I hope to limit my volunteer commitments to only those that that truly resonate with my values and not take on projects out of guilt, fear, or obligation. I’d like to take the little man on more adventures and be able to focus entirely on him and the moment – instead of having my mind race to other projects or tasks to do.

It’s already looking like a promising year and, I really believe, if I can maintain balance and keep the good from 2013 going, there’s no telling what could happen!

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

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2012 Balancing Act: The NYR List

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Whether you celebrated by partying all night or going to bed early, I hope it was a great start to 2012. Our NYE was celebrated over a late dinner with close friends and small champagne toast at midnight. It was perfect!

Since the clock struck twenty-twelve, New Year Resolutions (NYR) have been on my mind. Surprisingly, the more I’ve thought about what I’d like to accomplish or achieve, the more I’ve become grateful for where life has taken me. While there is still a voice inside that is constantly pushing me further, asking for more, and wanting to be better, I’ve also started listening to the voice that reminds me to relax, enjoy life, and find balance.

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Maybe it’s being pregnant or maybe it’s getting older (turned 31 in December….boooo!) but I’m finally starting to feel a sense of balance physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I was surprised to find I felt this way (and grateful!) but I am also practical. As I prepare to be mother, I am certain that keeping this new-found serenity will be challenging.

So in 2012, my resolutions will have one resounding theme – balance. You won’t find any extreme goals and crazy plans on this list. Instead, the resolutions below will hopefully help me keep a sense of peacefulness while learning how to be a mom. You can all laugh at me when I’m pulling my hair out and crying because I’m overwhelmed by parenting, but let me dream for now.


1. Lose the ‘baby weight’ by end of year + 6 pounds. I was six pounds heavier than my goal weight when I got knocked up.

2. Run the Bolder Boulder in May. This will be my 9th Boulder Bolder in a row…but it will be only eleven weeks post-delivery. Eep!

3. Run a half-marathon in the fall.  My BFF did it seven months post-delivery and I want to do it, too!


4. Put 10% of salary into savings. We’re ready for a new house and I need a new ‘mom’ car so saving is crucial!

5. Execute 2012 plan and exceed goals at work. My 2012 plan at work was created with maternity leave in mind, but I want to step it up in the months that I will be present and make sure they don’t forget about me while I’m gone. (I joke….sort of).

6. Explore freelance writing projects. Not sure I have the skill-level or connections to get anywhere on this but I have to try if I ever want to make something of this writing hobby.


7. Spend five minutes a day praying/meditating. Once baby arrives, I imagine quiet moments will become non-existent. I’m hoping to start a meditation practice that I can continue into motherhood to help keep me sane!

8. Continue to volunteer as a lector at church. This 30 Before 30 item ended up being so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined.

9. Limit volunteer commitments to those that truly resonate with my values. I have a tendency to say “Yes! Sign me up!” to everything. It’s time to take a step back and put a greater effort towards a few, meaningful projects rather than half-ass my way through a lot of miscellaneous items.


10. Read two books a month. Really enjoyed this resolution in 2011, hoping to keep the habit going.

11. Enter a writing contest (re-resoluted from 2011). Okay, this time I’m gonna do it!

12. Spend more quality time with friends and family. I’m tired of hearing the words, “I’ve been meaning to call but I’ve been so busy,” sheepishly leaving my own lips. The people in my life are the most important thing and it’s time to start acting like it.

Twelve in 2012. I like it.

Do you make resolutions? If so, what are your goals in 2012?