Here’s to Four Months!

The little man is four months old today!

He is getting to be such a big boy. He’s holding his head up and rolling over! He’s recently discovered his thumbs, likes sleeping on his side, and will give you a smile that’ll melt your heart. Lately, he’s become intrigued by the two dogs we have roaming the house and he has developed the sweetest giggle.

My little dude has also turned into a drool factory and everything he touches he attempts to put into his mouth. It’s too cute….and kinda gross. Not to mention he’s a champion at blowing raspberries.

But the best part….the cuddles. He’s getting to an age where he’ll cling to me when I hold him and rest his head just between my chest and neck. I love when he falls asleep there. His sweet little cheek pressed up against my skin while he naps is the best feeling in the world.

Sorry, I’m getting all mushy (and tearing up while I write) so I’m going to cut myself off.

Happy Birthday my happy little boy! Mommy and Daddy love you!

Here he is at 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month!

Hello New Day: 3 Months!

Today is the little man’s three-month birthday!

For the first two months he was a sweet sleepy infant but all of a sudden he’s become a bouncing baby boy. He’s been cooing and blowing raspberries, he discovered he has hands (’cause I finally got the guts to trim his little fingernails and stopped making him wear mitts all the time), and he’s just this close to rolling over.

He’s been exploring his world – surprised by the sights, sounds, and adventures that each new day brings. And I’m watching his discoveries – shocked at the exponential rate that my love for him compounds.

I’m so very thankful for this little man. Quite honestly, I have no words to describe how much I love him.

Happy 3-Month Birthday, my sweet baby boy!!! Daddy and I love you so very much!

Here he is at 2 Months and 1 Month….he’s grown so much!

Thankful Thursday: A Baby Shower

It’s our last Thankful Thursday in 2011….can you believe it?? To make this Thankful Thursday an extra special day, I wanted to share with you the amazing baby shower that my family threw in anticipation of our baby boy’s arrival.

I am so very lucky to have a huge family full of loving, funny, creative, and talented people. In addition to flying me out for a girls’ weekend on the east coast, my adorable kin hosted an incredibly thoughtful (and super fun) vintage baby shower for me and the little bump. To top it off, my lovely sister, Maggie, and dear friend, Jesse, joined me for the trip! It was an incredible weekend!

The amazing “Bun in the Oven” theme was cooked up by my mom and sister, Kate. Personalized invitations were hand-drawn by my talented friend, Keryn, and my awesome cousin, Richard (plus they framed the original artwork for me to take home!).

Guests were invited to share wishes for our little man while they sat at tables adorned with vintage table clothes and old-school toys – thanks to the imagination of my Aunt Roni and cousin, Janel.

The food (oh the food!) was AMAZING! My Aunt Edna, Aunt Roni, Grandma, Mom, Sister, Cousin Lori, Cousin Janel, and Cousin Jared poured their hearts into a deliciously classic feast with homemade turkey pot pies, a delectable fennel salad, buttered brussel sprouts, and hearty sandwiches.

And dessert! They had every kind of pie you could imagine as well as cake pops that tasted just as amazing as they looked…compliments of the adorable Brittany. We also enjoyed egg nog, hot apple cider, and a yummy fizzy punch (with champagne on the side).

These creative ladies didn’t stop there. The chalkboard details, blue checkered napkins, and rustic buckets gave an extra bit of vintage to the eclectic decor, but to top it off, the hosts of the shower wore hand-made aprons (made by my Aunt Roni and my cousin, Richard)! Aren’t they adorable?!

And wait….there’s more!!! While I couldn’t resist snapping my own photos to share with you and capture the memory of such a special day, my dear friend Jesse documented the day professionally. Please check out her photos over at freckle photography. Mine don’t do the shower justice!

I’m so thankful for the many friends and family gathered to help us celebrate our little bundle of joy (due on March 9th). I am still overwhelmed with gratitude for the delightful shower, the gifts upon gifts received, and the time spent with such wonderful people.

On this Thankful Thursday, I couldn’t be anymore appreciative of the fantastic women (and men) who put together such a special day. I’ll keep the memories of that weekend with me always and can’t wait until our little guy is here and can meet his amazing family.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Here’s to Boys!

I have some news for you…..

The spouse and I could not be more thrilled to welcome a little man into our family! He’s already thinking about his future fishing buddy and I can’t stop dreaming about a little boy clothes and toys. I keep wondering if he’ll be a tiny version of my spouse or if he’ll have my hair and my hubby’s eyes? Will he have the spouse’s brain and my energy? Will he be an athlete or an artist?

Everything became so much more real the second they said, “You’re having a boy!” Tears streaming down my face, I looked at my spouse and realized we were suddenly parents! I can’t express the love I felt for him or the little one inside me at that moment…it was truly special.

Now that we’re past the halfway point and we know his gender, the real planning can begin! Only 20 more weeks until we get to meet our tiny man!

“Nobody will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”