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I love running and yoga. And running. I’ve done a couple of triathlons, a couple of half-marathons and two full marathons. These are some of my best fitness posts:

Resolution Run: Pacing Problems – To kick off the new year and get myself back in shape, I participated in a New Year’s Day 5k. It was a pretty good run … but freezing.

Where Are You Runner’s High? – I love to run and I want to be in better shape but I keep failing to actually go on a jog. I can’t seem to wake up before work to sweat out a run. I rarely get to take a lunch break these days and, if I do, the only running I do is running errands. And, by the time my little man goes to sleep, I’m way too wiped out to get moving in the evening.

New Kicks – What I’ve heard time and time again is that runners should change out their running shoes every six months or between 300-500 miles. It’s like changing the oil on your car, whatever you hit first.

Sweatin’ It – Earlier this week, I was given the thumbs up by my doctor to finally start exercising again! Woot Woot! A little background: I stopped working out somewhere around my 37th week of pregnancy and was instructed to do nothing but walk or pick up the baby since having the little dude … which was seven weeks ago.

Body Image – Okay, I’m gonna take a deep breath and say it. I Like My…Body. Whew. I said it. And I mean it. This.Is.Big.

Resolution 5k – On Sunday, I ran what will probably be my last race before having a baby. At 30 weeks, I felt good running…most of the time…but have a hard time imagining I’ll do that distance again before the little man gets here.

Running: Now A Spectator Sport – I didn’t volunteer (until this summer) nor had I ever attended a race to watch someone else run. My reason – why not just run it with them? But, as the adventure of being pregnant continues, I have found myself doing things I never thought I would….like standing on the sidelines.

Workout Wednesday: Music – This week, I’ve been thinking about how to make my cardio and yoga sessions a bit more fun. I think it’s probably time to take a good look at my standard running playlist and change things up!

Alternative Workouts – I took advantage of that summer feeling and took off work early to head up the Poudre Canyon and go hiking with my mom and spouse. (The spouse actually ditched us and went fishing in the river. Puh, to each their own, I guess.)

Bolder Boulder 2011 – So, the Bolder Boulder! I PR’d! I ran the 10k (6.2 miles) in 51:37 mins. It was, as always, a very fun race. There were bands, hippies, belly dancers, people spraying runners with hoses, people passing out marshmallows to runners, and inspiring signs along the ENTIRE course!

Work-It-Out Wednesday – My 5k PR!

Item 18 (from the 30 Before 30 List) – Take a self defense class in honor of my cousin Jonathan.

Item 30 – I’ve wanted to try kickboxing for quite awhile. Once, in college, I participated in one of those girl’s boxing matches as a fundraiser for my rugby team (I was kind of tomboy…..and apparently chose violent sports….pent up aggression? Hard to say).

Item 1 – I have ALWAYS wanted to run a marathon. This is the big ONE…the mother of all List items. If I accomplished nothing else before I turned 30, running 26.2 miles was the one thing I really wanted to achieve. When I made my 30 Before 30 list, Running a Marathon quickly took its place as Item 1.

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