My little dude has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’m so thankful for what he’s taught me and for his sweet smile. Here are a few of my favorite ‘mom’ posts:

Here’s to One – One year ago (yesterday), I met my little man for the very first time. One year ago, everything changed.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? – As women, it’s hard enough to accept ourselves. We shouldn’t help cultivate a society that doesn’t accept us. Do we really need to point out areas we’re failing to each other? Do we really need to say that one lifestyle choice is better, or more demanding, or more fulfilling than another? Can we really comment on what makes someone else happy?

Domestically-Challenged Mom Celebrates Five Months – The truth? Every time I think about trying to cut a tie-shaped piece of patterned fabric and affixing it with needle and thread to another piece of fabric, I become a little twitchy. Just slightly anxious.

Thankful Friday – Since I’ve returned to work and officially become a ‘working mom,’ finding time to blog, workout, and keep up with everything else has become impossible. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the future holds and keep going back to this post, trying to figure out how to manage all the different aspects of life that are important to me.

Changes – Two years ago, I woke up one day realizing that I wasn’t very happy with many aspects of life. Determined to change, I started the list. Fast forward a little more than a year and the biggest change of my life occurred, I got pregnant.

Life Spring Cleaning – Getting used to the baby’s schedule (which actually doesn’t exist) has been more challenging than I anticipated. I haven’t quite figured out how to do all the stuff I normally do and take care of the munchkin. I’m guessing that I can’t….which means my list itself needs to be cleaned and it’s time to cut out some of the non-important.

Here’s to Baby Baths – Pretty much the cutest pics of a baby in bathrobe ever. Ever.

Overwhelming Gratitude – I’m surprised every minute by how thankful I am that this little man has come in to my life. Every time I look at his sweet face, my heart melts and I’m overtaken by love and gratitude.

Welcoming Baby – The story of how we met him.

And here are a few of my fave pregnancy posts:

One More Week! – A recap of the baby list.

Maternity Clothes – A list of tips on how not to blow your budget while covering the bump.

Here’s to Nine! – I’m sure these last couple of weeks will be the most challenging (especially since I’ve been blessed with a pleasant pregnancy so far) but if they zip by like the last 37 have, then I guess he’ll be here in the blink of an eye!

You May Say I’m a Dreamer – Pregnant ladies have CRAZY dreams. Since I got knocked up, my dreams have been absolutely nuts! I’m talking dreams about my future child, creepy (and sometimes naughty) dreams about my favorite people, and nightmares about my most feared situations (read: anything involving a snake). Blech.

The Pregnant Truth – A list about what pregnancy was really like.

How Not to Go Insane – A list of good baby books.

The Baby List –  The Nine things I wanted to get done before I met the tiny man.

Big Announcement – I’ve got a secret …

Image via freckle photography.

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