List Love


I love the thrill of crossing items of a list, don’t you? Here are a few of my fave list posts:

Sick Lists – And isn’t it always when you’re sick that suddenly you feel the need to do everything in the world? While sick, I looked up half-marathons I wanted to run, admired charities that other people have recently started, planned every little detail of the baby’s first birthday party, and pinned all sorts of home improvement tweaks and decor ideas. It’s like as soon as I know I can do nothing but sniffle and sneeze, suddenly I want to do it all. And it makes being sick so much worse. (Insert world’s tiniest violin.)

How to Turn Thirty-Two – Ten easy steps for celebrating the start of your thirty-second year.

The Simple Summer List – Every September I look back on the summer that just zipped on by and wish I would have ______. There’s always something. “It was too fast and I didn’t get to go on a bike ride.” “I didn’t eat a popsicle!” “I never went to the pool!” Whatever it may be, not a summer passes where I don’t have just a teensy bit of regret for not doing something.

Thankful Thursday: A List – I have so much to be grateful for these days that I thought I’d make a little list instead of focusing on one topic like usual.

How Not to Be Prefect – I’m one of those people who isn’t really good at any one thing. People don’t describe me in a word or two. I’m not “that really creative one,” or the “impeccably timely one,” or “an artist,” “a marketer,” “a writer,” “a cook,” “an athlete.” I’m not a one-word summary. I don’t excel at any one thing in a way that defines me….but the good news is I’m kind of good at a lot of stuff.

Thankful Week: Spreading Gratitude – Today, I am thankful for all of the simple and creative ways we can spread gratitude.

The Good, The Fun, & The Perky – You’ve heard all the crazy side effects of pregnancy, right? Morning sickness, swelling, weird food cravings, mood swings, etc, etc. It’s pretty common knowledge that the majority of women will experience some or all of these unpleasant symptoms during the process of growing a human. But it’s not all bad. At six months pregnant, here’s a list of my favorite things about being with child.

The Pregnant Truth – A list about what pregnancy was really like.

Maternity Clothes – A list of tips on how not to blow your budget while covering the bump.

How Not to Go Insane – A list of good baby books.

The Baby List – Getting closer and closer to the due date has got me thinking of all that needs to be done and all that I want to accomplish before our little bundle arrives. So, without further adieu, I introduce: The Baby List!

Be Creative! B-E Creative! – 29 Ways to Stay Creative

The 30 Before 30 List – Basically the list that shaped the last several years of my life.

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