For the most part, this blog is about everything I’m thankful for but a few posts stand out as the best examples of giving thanks:

Patience – Everyone knows the proverbial phrase, Patience is a Virtue.

Woman’s Best Friend – Today, I stumbled across a couple of pictures that I’d never seen before of my two dogs. I was instantly overwhelmed with love and gratitude (silly dogs meltin’ my heart and whatnot). So, I decided to dedicate today’s Thankful Thursday to my sweet pups, Barley and Simcoe.

Brought to You by the Letter P – Today, instead of the usual Thankful Thursday focus on one topic, I thought I’d express my thanks for all that the letter P brings us.

Perspective – Sometimes when we’re put into a uncomfortable or difficult situation, we realize what we had wasn’t really all that bad. Sometimes it takes a bad day to help us appreciate the good days.

Body Image – Okay, I’m gonna take a deep breath and say it. I Like My…Body. Whew. I said it. And I mean it. This.Is.Big. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before and meant it.

Silly Stuff – Probably my most favorite blog post of all time.

Volunteers – Let’s take a minute to say thanks to all of the volunteers that keep charitable organizations and events going all year long.

Friends – I’ve always been thankful for the hours of fun and years of good memories we’ve made. I’ve been even more grateful for someone to always get a glass of wine with, someone to tell me my jeans make me look skinny, and someone who volunteers when I need help.

Lunch & The Little Things – We’re quick throw out our negative energy, quick to shout our discomforts to the world….but why aren’t we the same when it comes to positive thoughts?

The Power of Positive – I’m thankful for all the good people out there who provide super-support and encouragement whenever I need a boost. (You know who you are…and if you aren’t one of them…..then you should meet some of my people. They’re rad.  You’ll like ‘em.)

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