Identifying the Core: Farewell to My Blog

For those of you who’ve read this little blog for some time, you may have noticed that the frequency and quality of posts has dwindled significantly in the last year. It’s been clear that my heart just hasn’t been in it for awhile.

When I read old posts about my 30 before 30 list or being pregnant with my little guy, tears come to my eyes. Chronicling those years was a true gift; a little history book where my happiest and most meaningful life events are captured forever.

I can re-read the story of becoming a mom, running NYC (in 3:57:03), and jumping out of an airplane anytime. Whenever I need that one thing that will always make me laugh, it’s only a few clicks away.

However, it feels like that’s all that this blog has become – a place to visit wonderful memories.

Years ago, a friend told me that she could “hear” me talking when she would read something I wrote. I took that as a compliment. And, for a long time, I had a very clear voice. I can still hear that voice when I revisit long-winded posts and poorly written jokes. But, the thing is, it’s the voice of me at 29, trying everything I had never done. It’s me at 30, trying to find my passion and being terrified of becoming a parent. It’s me at 31-ish, masking post-partum depression and trying to add value to the internet.

Today, despite the smattering of half-hearted posts and my personal attachments to the words, it’s just not me anymore.

I still want to write and I love exploring the world of blogging, social media, and creating an online brand. But, at my core, my priorities are my family and close friendships, establishing authority in my career, lacing up my running shoes, and practicing balance and faith.

Although a blog could certainly compliment those core values, this particular site just doesn’t seem to fit anymore. The reasons I started this and the reasons I’ve maintained it are no longer truly inline with my core and with the priorities above. I hope to one day find my voice again, identify my true passion, and write in a way that resonates with my values. But for now, it’s time to let go and move on.

To everyone who has followed along, thank you for reading and for sharing some of my favorite memories with me. I’ve truly appreciated the feedback and the comments. There were so many times when I needed the encouragement and the support – and you provided it. I hope I was able to reciprocate in some way.

I can’t think of any better way to sign off than to use the lyrics that inspired this blog’s title… so I’ll leave you with the words of Roger Clyne.

As cliche as it might sound, I’d like to raise another round. If your bottle’s empty, help yourself to mine. Thank you for your time. Here’s to Life!


Thankful Thursday: Catching Up

Is there any feeling more glorious than crossing items off your to-do list? Okay, maybe the endorphin rush after a long run (oooohhh, it is so good), but little else can compete with the feeling of getting.shit.done.

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for Catching Up.

On what? Work, volunteer tasks, house projects, and even with friends. This week has been all about let’s do this, knock it off the list, we’re accomplishing stuff (except fat-butt Tuesday). And lunch with a fun friend, brunch with a wild bunch, and instant messages with one of my fave people ever has me floating high on some kind of cloud-nine with lots of check marks and happy faces swirling about.

I think someone spiked my coffee.

Today is a feeling of accomplishment … and although those accomplishments mostly revolve around simple things like chatting with friends, ordering shirts for a work event, or finally steam cleaning my carpets, I’m celebrating them anyway.

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for feeling like I’m starting to catch up. What have you caught up on this week?

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Thankful Thursday: the Skimm

the-skimmI’m gonna admit it. I’ve never been fully up-to-speed on current affairs. I’m the one who quietly shrinks away from the group conversation; suddenly becomes interested that, uh, really interesting thing right over there; or just nods and puts an inquisitive furrow in my brow (as if I totes know what you’re saying) when international news, politics or economics discussions come up.

But all that changed when I found the Skimm. This handy little email service delivers the top news stories in an easy-to-read, entertaining and very digestible format. If you’re a busy lady (or a man) who needs to stay in-the-know on world events but doesn’t have the time or patience to scour news sources on the daily, I’d sign up right now.

Then, let me know if you like it, we’ll grab coffee and talk about stuff that’s happening in the world. On today’s Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for the Skimm.

What are you thankful for today?


2014: The Year of Balance

Happy New Year!

Are we still saying that? It is already half-way through the first month of 2014… hard to be believe. Nonetheless, Happy New Year if I haven’t said it to you before today.

How are the new year resolutions going? I’m certain you’re all exceeding your own expectations.

Things have been a little wild in my corner of the world. The biggest news of all – I am starting a new job! I’m leaving my old company (which I’ll likely post about later this week) and will be starting as Marketing Manager of a new company next week. It’s amazing how life works out… I’m thrilled for a new adventure!

But, that’s not why I’m writing. Today, we’re talking about the new year and resolutions. Following my approach in 2013, I chose not to make resolutions this year. I know, list-lover that I am, it is odd to go against tradition on this one. But, I can’t shake the feeling that all the good from last year, as well as the ability to manage the bad, stemmed from my resolution to focus on the small stuff.

Yes, yes. Last year, I set out to accomplish all the little things – like flossing every night, regular exercise, and making my bed each morning,. Things someone in their thirties should probably have a good handle on, but I did not. I mean, who likes flossing? No one. But, my hope was that if I focused on little actions that they’d add up and turn into some big results. Luckily, they did just that.

2013 resulted in some major accomplishments and I’m so pleased with the year that I’d like to simply maintain all the good we were blessed with rather than reaching for anything new (except the job, of course!!).

So, in 2014, I’m focusing on balance. Last year, there were four months when all I did was run…. quite literally. There was several times where work was put before everything else. There have been more times that I can count when I look at my volunteer commitments and want to cry. Over the course of a year, it all evened itself out, but I know that my life was unbalanced at many times in efforts to achieve one thing or another.

In the new year, and with a new job, I hope to set realistic, achievable goals and set my boundaries and expectations early on. I hope to continue to workout regularly and make good eating choices even though I’ll be in an office again. I plan to spend less time on the computer and more time with my two guys and furry kids. I hope to limit my volunteer commitments to only those that that truly resonate with my values and not take on projects out of guilt, fear, or obligation. I’d like to take the little man on more adventures and be able to focus entirely on him and the moment – instead of having my mind race to other projects or tasks to do.

It’s already looking like a promising year and, I really believe, if I can maintain balance and keep the good from 2013 going, there’s no telling what could happen!

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

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Thankful Tuesday: This Turkey

I think I’ve posted this silly image every year I’ve had this blog, so I apologize for repeating it once again. But, I just can’t help it. That goofball turkey face cracks me up every.single.time.


I cut out this image and headline from the National Enquirer when I was in high school because it made me laugh until I cried. Somehow, I have managed to save it for years and years. And every time I look at it, that turkey makes me giggle.

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday! What are you Thankful for today?

Thankful Tuesday

Sometimes it’s challenging to be grateful.

It’s easy to complain. It’s easy to feel down. It’s easy to feel shorted in life. But, when reading about hungry children, seeing a homeless elderly person, or talking with a sick parent, suddenly you realize how truly lucky you are. You see beyond the car not starting, the tough day at work and the extra five pounds. And all that you have to be grateful for comes into focus.

Wouldn’t it be great to harness that clarity and spread that slap-in-the-face gratitude all the time? I wish to be that way. I also wish to be able to give at a level that could eliminate the homelessness, hunger and disease that plagues so many. But, you know the saying, wish in one hand …

So, instead of wishing let’s get started be grateful and giving, shall we?

Today, I am thankful:

  • for having to pull my car window up manually (like pull the glass with my hands b/c the motor-thing in the door is broken)
  • for this inspiration to keep writing, even though I know I’m not yet where I want to be
  • for the health my little family enjoys
  • for dealing with the feelings and emotions of an 18-month old’s emerging personality
  • for my weird, still-not-flat, c-section stomach that holds on to an extra five pounds
  • for the challenges of the 9-to-5
  • for this video that reminds me of how little others have and how silly it is that I keep complaining about my car window or the 9-to-5
  • for having the food that fuels me and keeps this extra five pounds around
  • for the little kids standing at the bus stop today reminding me of how quickly my 18-month old will grow up
  • for attending a luncheon to learn about ways to give
  • for never having anything to wear
  • for being so busy I feel overwhelmed
  • for the spouse cooking dinner and keeping that extra five pounds around
  • for feeling uncertain about the future
  • for a house to clean and all that laundry to do – even though I allegedly never have anything to wear
  • for rarely being bored thanks to all there is to keep me busy
  • for good girlfriends to share a night out with
  • for discovering that there’s more to everyone’s favorite frenemy, Dwight, in real life
  • for being inspired by so many
  • for slowly, but surely, finding faith again and starting to feel less anxiety about the future
  • for my legs, feet, lungs and determination to run even though I’m perpetually tired and sore
  • for babies and puppies
  • for really, really good music to keep those runs going
  • for still thinking my eyes are too close together
  • for realizing I get a lot of sleep for being a parent so I shouldn’t really be tired
  • for seeing things a little clearer after a run (even with my too-close together eyes)
  • for siblings and parents and cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and in-laws and children
  • for life

7 Ways to Brighten Your [Mon] Day

It’s Monday. Whomp, whomp.

I think I’m coming down from being insane-busy for a couple weeks. But, not in a good way. My mind is addicted to being frantic right now and the relaxing weekend I just enjoyed left me feeling sleepy and a bit down. Makes no sense. I’m definitely struggling to find balance between busy-bee and lazy-sloth. (Can we say, “made-up problems?”)

Alas, since it’s Monday and we all have sh*t to get done, I had to turn my attitude around in a lickety-split kinda way. So, how does one purposefully choose a pleasant mood? Practice, for one. But also a few little tricks I’ve picked up over the years.


Here’s my Seven Ways to Brighten Your Day:

1. Drink Coffee (a lot of it). But also get in plenty of H2O.

2. Blast your top five fave songs on repeat (I’m listening to Ho Hey, Wagon Wheel, I’m Yours, Everlong, and Easy).

3. Get up and move. For 15-20 minutes, move your body around by doing some office yoga or stretching or go for a walk outside (unless it’s hot as buns out there, then just walk around your office).

4. Read something hilarious (and strangely motivating).

5. Text sweet little messages to your friends. Nothing can make you smile like knowing you’ve made someone else smile.

6. Just hammer down on that ‘To Do’ list. Crossing stuff off your list will really make your day (if you’re a big ol’ list-nerd like me, that is).

7. Think of three things you’re thankful for. Mine are: new bedroom furniture, allergy medicine, and coffee … of course.

And, if all that doesn’t work, then promise yourself a bowl of ice cream and a second viewing of last night’s True Blood when this blasted day is over. (Seriously, this is the best season of TB ever. What’s going to happen with Eric and Pam?! What are they doing to Sookie!?! I can’t wait a whole week for these answers!!!)

Hope these tricks brighten up your day. Good news is, Monday is almost over.

Have a great week, folks!

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Hi there, blog friends. Long time no chat, huh?

Sorry for the absence; June was straight cray. (Yes, I’m in my thirties and use words like totes and cray. Sorry. It drives my spouse … um, totes cray.)

Anyway, JUNE. Never in my life have I been busy like I was in June. This isn’t one of those I-am-so-busy-but-I-secretly-like-it bragging moments. This is pure shock that I actually survived. Here’s a few of the things that happened:


I tell you what, it was the kind of busy I’d rather not be again. I’m happy I was lucky enough to do so many things (like attend my sister’s nuptials, travel a lot, see Hillary Clinton speak, support my spouse in BBQ, be there for my family during a tough time, and launch a new product at work). But, next time, I hope all of the life events we experienced are spread out over a few months instead of jammed into one.

Anyway, some of the biggest news of the month is … we moved! We sold our house and bought more spacious, updated diggs. I feel so fortunate and am so very happy the moving process is over! We’re still getting things put in their place, but it already feels like home. The only downside is my complete inability to decorate is more obvious than ever before. I’m going to need a team of crafty, stylish gals to get this place into shape. (Volunteers?)

Hopefully, having a moment to write this post signals the return of the blog (how many times I have promised that this year … I’m becoming extremely unreliable). And, hopefully the rest of summer consists of pool-time, play-dates, spritzers, and popsicles (and running … but more on that later).

Have a great day, folks. Missed you tons and look forward to reconnecting here.

Here’s to Summer!


Summer is here! Huzzah!

I don’t know what it’s like where you live but in Colorado, summer is in full-swing. Thank you, planet Earth!

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s officially summer in my book. Side Note: uhm … now that it’s warm out, can we slow this year down a bit?? We spent our Memorial Day weekend doing most of my favorite warm-weather activities: running, bbq-ing, concert-going and back-porch-beer-sipping-with-best-friends. I already feel like I had a whole summer in just three days!

And that’s just the start of it … June is shaping up to be an exceptional month and I am really looking forward ridiculously excited about it.

I feel like I have way to much to share to even attempt to discuss it all in one post so I’ll save all the plans and details for the weeks ahead. In the meantime, I hope you’ve already found a summer brew to enjoy and have plans to get outside in the coming months.

It’s summer!! Have fun!!!!

Image Source: Cup of Jo