Identifying the Core: Farewell to My Blog

For those of you who’ve read this little blog for some time, you may have noticed that the frequency and quality of posts has dwindled significantly in the last year. It’s been clear that my heart just hasn’t been in it for awhile.

When I read old posts about my 30 before 30 list or being pregnant with my little guy, tears come to my eyes. Chronicling those years was a true gift; a little history book where my happiest and most meaningful life events are captured forever.

I can re-read the story of becoming a mom, running NYC (in 3:57:03), and jumping out of an airplane anytime. Whenever I need that one thing that will always make me laugh, it’s only a few clicks away.

However, it feels like that’s all that this blog has become – a place to visit wonderful memories.

Years ago, a friend told me that she could “hear” me talking when she would read something I wrote. I took that as a compliment. And, for a long time, I had a very clear voice. I can still hear that voice when I revisit long-winded posts and poorly written jokes. But, the thing is, it’s the voice of me at 29, trying everything I had never done. It’s me at 30, trying to find my passion and being terrified of becoming a parent. It’s me at 31-ish, masking post-partum depression and trying to add value to the internet.

Today, despite the smattering of half-hearted posts and my personal attachments to the words, it’s just not me anymore.

I still want to write and I love exploring the world of blogging, social media, and creating an online brand. But, at my core, my priorities are my family and close friendships, establishing authority in my career, lacing up my running shoes, and practicing balance and faith.

Although a blog could certainly compliment those core values, this particular site just doesn’t seem to fit anymore. The reasons I started this and the reasons I’ve maintained it are no longer truly inline with my core and with the priorities above. I hope to one day find my voice again, identify my true passion, and write in a way that resonates with my values. But for now, it’s time to let go and move on.

To everyone who has followed along, thank you for reading and for sharing some of my favorite memories with me. I’ve truly appreciated the feedback and the comments. There were so many times when I needed the encouragement and the support – and you provided it. I hope I was able to reciprocate in some way.

I can’t think of any better way to sign off than to use the lyrics that inspired this blog’s title… so I’ll leave you with the words of Roger Clyne.

As cliche as it might sound, I’d like to raise another round. If your bottle’s empty, help yourself to mine. Thank you for your time. Here’s to Life!



5 thoughts on “Identifying the Core: Farewell to My Blog

  1. No!!!!!
    Glad you’re doing what fulfills you, though I always enjoyed your blog. You have a great voice that should be shared. Much luck to your future endeavors :).

  2. Well said as always Stacey! I applaud your ability to make change when you see fit to do so. I miss seeing you every month at League – I hope all is well!

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