Thankful Thursday: Catching Up

Is there any feeling more glorious than crossing items off your to-do list? Okay, maybe the endorphin rush after a long run (oooohhh, it is so good), but little else can compete with the feeling of getting.shit.done.

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for Catching Up.

On what? Work, volunteer tasks, house projects, and even with friends. This week has been all about let’s do this, knock it off the list, we’re accomplishing stuff (except fat-butt Tuesday). And lunch with a fun friend, brunch with a wild bunch, and instant messages with one of my fave people ever has me floating high on some kind of cloud-nine with lots of check marks and happy faces swirling about.

I think someone spiked my coffee.

Today is a feeling of accomplishment … and although those accomplishments mostly revolve around simple things like chatting with friends, ordering shirts for a work event, or finally steam cleaning my carpets, I’m celebrating them anyway.

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for feeling like I’m starting to catch up. What have you caught up on this week?

17a904e23edaf3f01b7064d3faa13776Image Source.


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