GNO: We Built This City

Saturday night was a girls night out that I’ll never forget. First, celebrating with a dear friend before she packs her bags and moves to Portland, OR was incredible. (Thanks so much for inviting me, ladies!) And finally crossing Item 7: Sing Karaoke off my list was icing on the cake.

If you can’t tell by the title of the post, I chose Starship’s We Built this City. I have been practicing this song in my car while driving for a really long time (like two years).

The thing about singing karaoke is that I’ve done it in groups before. Usually, I stand towards the back or mouth the words to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun into a single mic with five other women. But, this list item was for ME to actually sing karaoke. Alone. To vulnerably put my self on a stage and, like, grow as a person or something … I don’t know why it’s on the list but it is.

And, it happened. The crew of ladies I was with did join me as back up singers and dancers on stage. But, I grabbed the mic, stood front and center, and belted out my best 80’s rock n’ roll in a world all my own.

And I was horrible.

I had visions of people cheering and dancing below me – throwing their hands up in the air as they swayed around overwhelmed by my vocal power. I thought I might possibly be discovered by a talent scout who frequents Denver dive bars. You know, all the reasonable stuff that happens in movies.

Instead, when I looked out over the crowd, I saw people just hanging out in a bar. Some were watching (but not smiling) and most were just going on with their evening (at least they weren’t booing, right?). They continued to talk and drink their PBR’s while I put my heart and soul into Marconi playing that mamba. Ah, sometimes life isn’t like the movies.

While it was definitely anti-climactic, it was also fun. And more importantly, it is crossed off the list and I never, ever have to do it again.

I’m so grateful to my dear friend for inviting to girls night out to celebrate her big move and letting me check this lingering item off the 30 Before 30 list (two years later … oops).

While I don’t have any proof because, thankfully, no one took any pictures, I’m pretty sure I looked like this (who doesn’t want to feel like Ke$ha!?):


Happy Tuesday, friends! Did you make a fool of yourself this weekend?

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3 thoughts on “GNO: We Built This City

  1. Awesome! Saturday was so much fun and I feel so loved by some really amazing woman. As I am typing this there are just a few tears. I can’t hardly believe it but in just 3 days I will be making the biggest change in my life and to know that I have your support and love is incredible. Thank you Stacey, you were my rock star on Saturday night!!!

  2. Weird that I remember there being a huge crowd of people, panties thrown on stage, and paparazzi waiting outside the bar!?? You killed it Stacey! Thanks for such a fun night ladies! We love you Lindsey!

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