Training Tip Tuesday: Love It.


Training is hard. Whether your training for a race, trying to get healthy or hoping to lose weight, training can be difficult.

Every day, you have to get up early or skip your lunch hour or make time in the evening to do your training. And it can quickly become an exhausting, cumbersome task.

But, there are people who do it. Those people used to leave me wondering, how?? How can you go the gym so diligently? How can you dedicate hours to a club sport? Who on Earth has time for training?

But, I’ve figured it out. And it’s my #1 training tip: You must love it. Whatever sport you choose, for goodness sake’s, choose something you like to do!

Whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, a tennis player, or weight-lifter, you have to truly enjoy what you’re doing to be successful at it. I mean, getting healthy, getting in shape, acheiving a goal, participating in an event are all fine and likely on most of our ‘lists.’ But, if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, you will fizzle out.

The good news? You can stop doing whatever you don’t like and start doing what you do like! No one said you have to run to be in shape! No one says you have to lift weights to get in a workout! You can play basketball or go hiking in the mountains or ride your bike.

I write this because I am often asked why I run (specifically why in the world would I actually want to run a marathon). People think I’m crazy (along with all the other runners) or some kind of health nut. Quite honestly, for a long time I wasn’t sure how to respond. Did I run solely to get in shape? Was it to lose weight? Why a marathon? ‘Cause it’s on my list … but, why is it on my list? Why am I not interested in riding in a 100-mile bike race or participating in a weekend softball tournament?

Because, simply, I don’t enjoy those activities. I mean, I do to an extent … but I don’t love them the way I love running. I LOVE the feeling I get after a good run. I actually crave losing my breath and sweating. During particularly hot runs, I have actually lied down on the ground, put my face on the concrete sidewalk to cool down, and then got back up and kept running. And, I’m sorry, but you only put your face on the sidewalk for something you love.

It’s like when my good friend (who I write about all the time on here) was pregnant, she played tennis until, like, her eighth or ninth month of gestation. Yeah. You couldn’t have paid me to play tennis when I was that pregnant. But, with the go-ahead from her doctor and a very healthy lifestyle overall, she played like a boss! Why? Because she loves it. And she figured out that running every day or lifting weights weren’t going to keep her active throughout her pregnancy … doing something she loved would.

So, the point of all this: Ask yourself why you’re pushing yourself so hard to do something you don’t enjoy. If you’re struggling to get the gym or have a tough time lacing up your sneakers, it’s okay to stop and change (don’t totally stop being active, though!). Choose yoga, go swimming, or try kickboxing. Test out activities and sports until you find something that you like to do. You’ll be surprised at how far you can go when you do something you love (you might even run a marathon).

Training Tip Tuesday: LOVE what your doing (go ahead and apply that to life, too).

P.S. I am fundraising for the Jackson Gabriel Silver Foundation for the NYC Marathon! Please consider donating! Thanks a bunch!

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