Thankful Thursday: Now

ImageI’ve been reading a lot of inspiring, go-getter material lately. The kind that makes you say, “If not now, when?” For example, I was lured in to this motivational story of immediate and gratifying change. And I was moved by this blunt and hilarious (and maybe crazy) gal to stop talking and start doing.

I keep thinking, “YEAH! Let’s DO … something.” But then I remember that I just moved. And I am training for a marathon. Hold the go-getting, I’m not doing ANYTHING.

But, wait. There is still so much to take away from these stories. Because, I just moved. And I’m training for a marathon. And both of these actions happened out of seizing life by the … er … by just doing it.

Last spring, the spouse and I were inspired and encouraged by our friends to put our house on the market. We didn’t think we had enough saved for a new house, we didn’t think our old place would sell, we were nervous and unsure. But, we just did it. And what happened? Our house sold in one day. (Holla!) We found our new house less than a week later. And everything that needed to happen to allow our move to go smoothly happened. Because we acted. (BTW – thanks for the advice, friends!)

And, last month, I got an email inviting me to participate in the NYC Marathon. Yup, the NYC MARATHON!! (Can we say MAJOR life goal?) But, was it the right time? Not to beat a dead horse, but like, I just moved. Right? Ugh … what to do …

Then, I was given every possible reason to do it: low fundraising goal, guaranteed entry, the race was on a weekend I’d be on the east coast anyway so no travel costs … wait, what?? YES! The race is scheduled for a weekend I was planning to be two hours away from the Big Apple. How in the world could I say no? Since then, family and friends have shown unbelievable support and are already asking how they can help and training has had an immediate impact on my body and my soul (man, I love a good runner’s high).

So, the get-up-and-just-do-it moments have come. And I grabbed on to them. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of missed opportunities in my life (I’m no go-getting pro). And I’m sure I’ll miss out plenty of fun during the next four months of training. But the things that were (and are) really important to me, the big goals that I wanted deep, deep down inside of me, are happening (or have recently happened). Because I didn’t wait. I didn’t talk about plans. I didn’t over-analyze possible outcomes. It was time to live life to the fullest and make what I really wanted happen.

I know it all sounds nice, but I know what you’re thinking. “Great for you, but it’s not the right time for me.”

That reminds me of when I found out that I was pregnant – which we didn’t exactly plan. And by ‘didn’t exactly plan,’ I mean shocked the living daylights out of us. At first, I looked at so many opportunities as missed. I couldn’t do this or that because I was knocked up. Boo.

But, it didn’t take long to realize that I was given a whole new set of opportunities. I tell you what, nothing will motivate you to get your sh*t together like a 9-month deadline.

Suddenly, I was paying off debt and doing home projects I’d put off forever. I dove into my writing (some of my best posts are here) and cleaned up pretty much everything at work to prepare for a leave of absence. When the time came, I was more organized and prepared to have a baby that I could have ever imagined. (Except emotionally. Oh, and except the whole raising a child part … but I don’t think I’ll ever feel prepared or organized on that crazy-train).

Although it wasn’t what I had planned, it was full of opportunity to get a lot of other things done that I really wanted.

And that’s the beauty of now. Now is full of it’s own possibilities. It’s full of goals you might not have even realized you wanted. Of opportunities you didn’t even know were there.

So, I am thankful for now. Now might not be the time to travel to Europe or start a company but it is the time to achieve at least one (or several) of your life dreams. It is the time to do something on the life list no matter how small or unplanned. What are you waiting for?
You got this. Go get it.

Happy Thankful Thursday, folks. I am thankful for NOW!


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