7 Ways to Brighten Your [Mon] Day

It’s Monday. Whomp, whomp.

I think I’m coming down from being insane-busy for a couple weeks. But, not in a good way. My mind is addicted to being frantic right now and the relaxing weekend I just enjoyed left me feeling sleepy and a bit down. Makes no sense. I’m definitely struggling to find balance between busy-bee and lazy-sloth. (Can we say, “made-up problems?”)

Alas, since it’s Monday and we all have sh*t to get done, I had to turn my attitude around in a lickety-split kinda way. So, how does one purposefully choose a pleasant mood? Practice, for one. But also a few little tricks I’ve picked up over the years.


Here’s my Seven Ways to Brighten Your Day:

1. Drink Coffee (a lot of it). But also get in plenty of H2O.

2. Blast your top five fave songs on repeat (I’m listening to Ho Hey, Wagon Wheel, I’m Yours, Everlong, and Easy).

3. Get up and move. For 15-20 minutes, move your body around by doing some office yoga or stretching or go for a walk outside (unless it’s hot as buns out there, then just walk around your office).

4. Read something hilarious (and strangely motivating).

5. Text sweet little messages to your friends. Nothing can make you smile like knowing you’ve made someone else smile.

6. Just hammer down on that ‘To Do’ list. Crossing stuff off your list will really make your day (if you’re a big ol’ list-nerd like me, that is).

7. Think of three things you’re thankful for. Mine are: new bedroom furniture, allergy medicine, and coffee … of course.

And, if all that doesn’t work, then promise yourself a bowl of ice cream and a second viewing of last night’s True Blood when this blasted day is over. (Seriously, this is the best season of TB ever. What’s going to happen with Eric and Pam?! What are they doing to Sookie!?! I can’t wait a whole week for these answers!!!)

Hope these tricks brighten up your day. Good news is, Monday is almost over.

Have a great week, folks!

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