Hi there, blog friends. Long time no chat, huh?

Sorry for the absence; June was straight cray. (Yes, I’m in my thirties and use words like totes and cray. Sorry. It drives my spouse … um, totes cray.)

Anyway, JUNE. Never in my life have I been busy like I was in June. This isn’t one of those I-am-so-busy-but-I-secretly-like-it bragging moments. This is pure shock that I actually survived. Here’s a few of the things that happened:


I tell you what, it was the kind of busy I’d rather not be again. I’m happy I was lucky enough to do so many things (like attend my sister’s nuptials, travel a lot, see Hillary Clinton speak, support my spouse in BBQ, be there for my family during a tough time, and launch a new product at work). But, next time, I hope all of the life events we experienced are spread out over a few months instead of jammed into one.

Anyway, some of the biggest news of the month is … we moved! We sold our house and bought more spacious, updated diggs. I feel so fortunate and am so very happy the moving process is over! We’re still getting things put in their place, but it already feels like home. The only downside is my complete inability to decorate is more obvious than ever before. I’m going to need a team of crafty, stylish gals to get this place into shape. (Volunteers?)

Hopefully, having a moment to write this post signals the return of the blog (how many times I have promised that this year … I’m becoming extremely unreliable). And, hopefully the rest of summer consists of pool-time, play-dates, spritzers, and popsicles (and running … but more on that later).

Have a great day, folks. Missed you tons and look forward to reconnecting here.


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