Here’s to Summer!


Summer is here! Huzzah!

I don’t know what it’s like where you live but in Colorado, summer is in full-swing. Thank you, planet Earth!

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s officially summer in my book. Side Note: uhm … now that it’s warm out, can we slow this year down a bit?? We spent our Memorial Day weekend doing most of my favorite warm-weather activities: running, bbq-ing, concert-going and back-porch-beer-sipping-with-best-friends. I already feel like I had a whole summer in just three days!

And that’s just the start of it … June is shaping up to be an exceptional month and I am really looking forward ridiculously excited about it.

I feel like I have way to much to share to even attempt to discuss it all in one post so I’ll save all the plans and details for the weeks ahead. In the meantime, I hope you’ve already found a summer brew to enjoy and have plans to get outside in the coming months.

It’s summer!! Have fun!!!!

Image Source: Cup of Jo

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