The Ups and Downs of Working from Home


I’ve got a pretty sweet deal going on here. Most of the week, I work from my house. My company’s office is located in the southern-most neighborhood of Denver (about an hour and a half away) so they only ask I that make the trek down once a week.

However, snow-filled weeks (like the one we’re currently experiencing in Northern Colorado) typically result in me getting to skip the weekly drive. It’s a nice perk not to have to worry about driving out there in a blizzard.

But, since I’ve been trapped in my house for three days, I’m getting a little stir-crazy. Solitude, silence, and complete whiteness are wearing me down. And I’ve been thinking about a few aspects of working from home that most people may not consider.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very thankful for my situation, so I’m going to kick this off with a list of positives:

  • I only have to outfit myself in ‘work-attire’ once a week.
  • My commute includes walking from upstairs to downstairs and rarely involves scraping ice from a windshield.
  • My assistant is a pug and my office manager is a mastiff.
  • I can work as late or as early as needed without disrupting my home life too much.
  • I don’t have to go outside in bad weather.
  • No need to eat out frequently at lunch.
  • Peace and quiet.

Sounds nice, right? But, it’s not all as pleasant as you might think. To counterpoint the list of benefits above, right now working at home feels like:

  • I’ve been wearing the same yoga pants for three days (because I’m gross).
  • Sometimes I don’t even change out of pajamas (because I’m lazy).
  • My social skills are slowly breaking down.
  • Loss of regime. I find myself working at 11pm or 6am for no reason other than my computer is available.
  • Being stuck in my house during bad weather … for days on end.
  • Mindless munching on whatever I find in the cupboard.
  • Endless distractions … Did I put the clothes in the dryer? Wait, what was I doing?
  • I talk to the pug and mastiff (and give them job titles) because I have no one else to talk to. (I’m getting a little loopy).

So, it’s not all a walk in the park. I’d like to say I typically look like the girl above but usually I’m shoveling down chips and salsa while wearing Sanuks and stretch pants. Not so glamorous (but, I’ll admit … still pretty awesome).

I’m looking at another day in the house tomorrow and am hoping I can keep my sanity. If you’re stuck inside, try not to go stir-crazy.

Stay warm, my friends. (Is the blizzard over yet?)

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3 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Working from Home

  1. Best line EVER in a post: “My assistant is a pug and my office manager is a mastiff.”

    I work from home and I go to a coworking facility 1 to 2 times a week. When I am home my GM is a 80 lb German Shepherd and my Human Resource Person is actually a Cat. The GM is a big lover and the HR person (cat) is a bastard. Sort of like real life.

    Great post. I laughed out loud at the admission of wearing yoga pants for 3 days. Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure I’ve not washed a pair of yoga pants of 5 days.

    I win. :)

    • I work from home, too.. but no office visit for me.. it’s all from home. I rarely get out of my pjs until my toddler goes down for a nap around 3 in the afternoon, my background noise is Nick Jr., or Disney, and I sing obnoxiously loud to 80’s hairbands to keep my sanity.

      You are so right. It is harder than people think!!

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