5 Ways to Bring It this Week


Monday. Ugh. I need another cup of coffee.

But, it’s a new week, friends. And I plan to really kill it this week. You, too? Here’s a little list of ways to maximize the next five days:

1. Get up 15 minutes early each day. Have you read what successful people do in the morning? Great info to get more done in the early hours of the day. But it’s hard to jump right in to morning productivity. So, start simple by getting up just 15 minutes early to give yourself extra time to eat a proper breakfast. Then get up another 15 minutes early the next day and so on. By Friday, you’ll be getting up an hour earlier than you did today. Think of all the stuff you can do in a hour  … or think of Happy Hour!

2. Drink two extra glasses of water a day. It’s Spring. The weather is crazy-town (at least it is in CO).  Mother Nature’s mood swings usually lead to dehydration. Dehydration means being tired, dry skin, lack-luster locks – none of which helps you have a super-productive week. So, make sure to stay hydrated. Two glasses ain’t all that much … one in the morning and one in the evening. Easy-peasy.

3. Get moving. Do something this week that involves physical activity. Don’t try to pack in a 2-hour workout or attempt to run 5 miles (unless you already do that). Just try to move a little more than usual. Take the stairs. Go for a walk (or two). Do ten situps and ten pushups when you wake up. You get the idea.

4. Say NO. You don’t need more stuff to do. Give yourself boundaries. Don’t commit to something you don’t want to do or something that will give you stress. Don’t take on an extra task for a lazy coworker. Don’t eat that deep-fried whatever. Say no to just one thing that you’d normally say yes to but always regret later. You’ll like how it feels.

5. Donate something. Time. Money. An article of clothing. That weird plate that doesn’t match the others – where did it even come from? Anything. Giving something away to benefit someone else will make you feel good. Do it. There is something you don’t need, some time you can use better, or a few bucks that’ll help someone far more than your Starbucks will help you.

I think that’ll do it. Let’s crush this week!


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