Thankful Thursday: Spring


Spring is upon us.

And so is Spring cleaning.

I have A LOT of that to do … I’ve been thinking a lot lately about eliminating clutter. What clutter? The kind of clutter that’s scattered on my kitchen counter, the kind of clutter that keeps me running errand after errand on the weekends, the kind of clutter that results in mindless munching, and the kind of clutter that keeps me from falling asleep at night.

I’m looking forward to Spring and the opportunity to clean house, mind, body and spirit. I’m thankful for the excuse of a new season to inspire me. I’m thankful for the little rain shower we got this afternoon that cleaned my back deck. I’m thankful for the tulips that are popping up along my front walk.

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for Spring and the clean slate it offers.

Happy Spring! What are you thankful for?

Image via my mom.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Spring

  1. :) I’m thankful for YOU! and an immediate spring cleaning the first week of April, complete with re-doing my bedroom :)

  2. We’ve decided to do a massive THROW AWAY this spring. Our house is too small for all this crap we’re keeping in piles everywhere. Can’t wait to have my house back. Spring is great, except for allergies. I will soon be a bit dull to the world because it will be Benadryl everyday! LOL!

    Oh, and I’m thankful to live in Colorado. I truly believe it’s the best state around! :-)

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