Thankful Thursday: One


Can you believe it? He’s one.

One year ago (yesterday), I met my little man for the very first time. One year ago, everything changed.

The doctor said, “I think we should do a cesarean.” And less than one hour later, he was here.

One day later, I realized how much more I could love. One week later, I was readmitted to the hospital. Darn c-section.

One month later, I still couldn’t believe he was ours.  One year later, I feel all the same emotions tenfold.

Today Everyday, I am thankful for the one-year-old that I’m lucky enough to call my son. He’s the sweetest, kindest and (I have to say, cutest) baby I’ve known. I can’t wait to see what all of the years ahead will bring for my little man!

Happy Birthday, baby boy! You’re ONE!


Images Source: freckle photography


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