It’s probably safe to say we’re all addicted to technology. One day at work I got a sneaking suspicion that I might be addicted when I had three social media sites, my company blog, two email servers, and my Google reader all open simultaneously. If that wasn’t enough, I compulsively checked my phone for updates and texts every few minutes.

It sounds exhausting, right? It is so easy to get caught up in always being online. And, in my line of work (marketing), being connected is extremely important. Not only am I concerned about updating my own social networking tools but I”m responsible for updating my company’s online personas as well. And, as a marketer, I see a great deal of value in social networking and a lot of opportunities for businesses to utilize social media for search engine optimization, lead generation, and brand awareness.

But that said, I also believe that most everything should be done in moderation. And lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Nicole Antoinette’s point over at a Life Less Bullsh*t: To add in new activities or get more done, you have to cut something out. You can’t just keep piling to do items on your list without taking a few of the unimportant items off. Right now, the only online life I have time for is my work life. In my personal life, I need to make some changes to the amount of time I spend in cyberspace.

While I deeply enjoy catching up with friends on Facebook or pinning pictures on Pinterest, I’ve become addicted to scrolling through status updates and viewing image after image of fancy shoes and pretty rooms. I’ve recently added Instagram to my social profile, I waste hours most every evening reading through many, many blogs and I constantly check both my personal and work email on my phone. So, it’s time to cut some things out.

Blogging is too much like therapy for me to give up, so you will be able to find me here. If you want to keep up over the next few weeks, be sure to subscribe via email on the right sidebar. Also, I’ve set up my blog to push automatically to Twitter so you can follow along there if you’d like. However, you won’t see me on Facebook. Google Reader won’t be opened for a while. I’m taking a break from Pinterest. And I’ll be disconnecting my personal email and all social networking apps from my phone – only using my phone for my work email (and phone calls … weird).

I’m hoping I’ll get to use the extra time to finish a few books, write more posts on Here’s to Life, and spend more time with my tiny man and spouse.  And who knows what else … the possibilities are endless! Wish me luck ;)

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