Something New: StyleMint

Have you guys heard of StyleMint? I hadn’t until recently and was a little skeptical at first. But thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, (and free shipping and free returns) I decided to give them a try.

It’s a different type of shopping experience. You sign up for a monthly subscription that credits an account you can use towards purchases. You fill out a survey to select the styles, brands, and looks that best suit you. You’re then given a shopping selection that fits with your style.

Well, they got me. I loaded up my cart and can’t wait until my new tops arrive. With most of their clothes starting at $29.99 and awesome sales, you can’t beat them! The subscription thing kind of intimidated me but you can skip months if you’d like or use the credits for other sites (JewelMint, IntiMint, and ShoeMint). Pretty awesome!

I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

Interested in what I got? Here are a few of the tops I couldn’t wait to get my hands on (apparently I was feeling like red that day …  must be time for Valentine’s).


Image Sources: Top 1, Top 2, Top 3

2 thoughts on “Something New: StyleMint

  1. Since you’re already to be credited with my discovery of Birchbox, I’ll have to try this out, too! Though I’m starting with Shoemint….

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