Thankful Thursday: Firsts


Doesn’t this book look like fun? This is definitely on my ‘to buy’ list!

The first month of 2013 is already coming to a close. Can you believe it? How have your resolutions been going? Anything to cross off your lists yet?

I’ve been given plenty of opportunities to be grateful and take action …  but I can’t say I’ve exceeded my goal just yet. Good thing we’re not too far into the year!

Reflecting on the first month of the year passing by has me thinking about all sorts of firsts today.

About a million years ago, I gave a speech dedicated to a dear friend and her spouse about firsts. I loved writing the speech; spending time thinking of all the fun ‘firsts’ she and I shared (first day of college, first jobs, first time drinking too much wine …  you get the idea).

Since writing that speech, I haven’t really given much thought to the topic. But today, dwelling on the firsts of my past brought a smile to my lips and, in an effort to be grateful for all the little things, here they are for today’s Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for:

The first day at a new job (which was over seven years ago for me!).

The first time traveling to another country.

First dates and first kisses.

The first time someone asks to use you as a reference.

Spelling all the words in an email correctly in the first draft.

The first time you meet someone you immediately share a special connection with.

Feeling those first baby kicks inside your tummy.

The first time someone you admire recognizes your work.

Liking your body, for the first time ever.

Buying your first home. (Hoping to experience selling our first home this year!)

Running 26.2 miles for the first time ever. (And definitely NOT the last time.)

The first time you see your baby boy smile.

Letting someone else go first.

And putting yourself first, sometimes.

The first time tasting the bread pudding at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.

The first time you jumped out of an airplane. (And also the last … most likely.)

The first time someone asks your opinion on a topic you’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand.

Slipping on your skinny jeans for the first time post-baby.

The first time you realize that you do appreciate looking younger (now that you’re looking older).

Being the first person your sister calls when she needs to talk.

The first time the little guy sleeps through the night.

That first glorious day of summer.

Being the first kid – forever gaining the respect and admiration of your younger siblings.

The first overnight trip without your little man.

The first time you see your favorite band in concert.

The first time you meet said band back stage.

The first time they remember you from all them times you’ve crashed back stage.

Meeting your first nephew.

Watching your baby experience all his ‘firsts.’

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