Capturing Memories

Inspired by one of the best books I read last year, I have deemed myself ‘historian of the house.’ Someone has to take pictures, document the little guy’s growth, and keep the grandparents in-the-know on important stuff like head size and number of teeth. And that someone is me.

At first I took this role very seriously. The first day of my new role, I wrote out a nice email to all the grandparents explaining how I would send them monthly updates and photos as well as report on recent doctor’s appointments, what’s happening at school, etc. I busted out a baby book and began taping pictures into it and trying to remember when exactly it was that the tiny guy crawled, sat, smiled, etc, etc.

Well,  that day ended and so did my newly established title. Woops. Life … it happens, right?

Months later, Christmas was approaching and I really wanted to give the grandparents something special that showed the journey my tiny man had been on for the previous year. Having failed miserably at documenting anything, I wasn’t quite sure what to do until I saw a deal online to make my own photobook.

Oh, interwebs, sometimes I love thee.

So, with a stockpile of images from the fabulous freckle photography, I logged into the site and began work on our very own family photobook. It was WAY more work than I anticipated (due to a number of user errors) but totally worth it. Pleased with the results, we gave it to all of the grandparents and the great-grandparents. And kept a copy for ourselves. I LOVE it and flip through it frequently.

We made ours via Tiny Prints and I thought the quality of the final product was great. I recently found Artifcat Uprising and might have to consider them with their lovely cloth covers and 50-page books (compared to our 20-page book) next year.

Here’s a peek at the final product. What do you think? Mamas – did you make a scrapbook, fill a baby book or document your kiddo’s first year? How do you fill the role of house historian?






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