Thankful Thursday: A Little Help


I’m terrible at asking for help. It’s one of my major flaws. I’ve tried to tell myself that delegating makes me a stronger leader and asking for help is simply a form of delegating. I honestly believe this. And yet I still find it difficult to actually admit when I’m struggling.

I think this happens a lot. It seems that there is a sense of pride in ‘doing it all’ or being able to manage the ups and downs of life independently. It’s a shame. We can be so much more productive and happy if we just suck up our pride and say we need a little help every once in a while. I had to do that recently … but more on that later.

Today’s Thankful Thursday is about a different kind of help. Today I’m thankful for the kind of help that I didn’t solicit. Last night, I came home from a pretty long day to an unhappy little baby. As I rocked him to sleep, my spouse took care of everything I had planned to do around the house and when I came downstairs to try to take over he insisted I sit down and relax.


I felt like a million bucks after just one episode of Modern Family. Afterwards, I got in bed early, read for bit and then turned off lights before 9:30pm. Totally zoning out was exactly what I needed and my spouse knew that without me saying a word.

I am so very grateful for his unsolicited assistance last night. He really knows how to make a girl happy.

I’m sure I’m not the only who struggles to say, “I need help,” so if you see someone who looks like they need a hand, just jump in. It can make a big difference in their day.

Happy Thankful Thursday! How has someone surprised you with a little help you didn’t realize you needed?

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