The John Lennon Letters

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m kind of into the Beatles.

I might sort of believe (at least I’ve often said) that I’m the reincarnated spirit of John Lennon.

Okay, that might be a little extreme but I can honestly say I’ve loved the Beatles since I was a wee one.

Need proof? I sing Yesterday and Hey Jude to the little guy (instead of lullabies). I’ve been as close as I’ll ever be to seeing them in concert. I’ve stood at Strawberry Fields and stared up at the Dakota Building in New York (where John Lennon lived). I’ve read dozens of books on the Fab Four and even wrote a paper or two about them. I actually considered naming our baby Lennon (wouldn’t that be cute!?).

Needless to say, listening to the Beatles always makes me happy and I geek out whenever I get the opportunity to learn about them … which brings me to the point of this post. For Christmas this year, my mom gave me the most unexpected and yet absolutely perfect gift – a copy of The John Lennon Letters.


Thumbing through, I was giddy to see a compilation of letters that John had written to friends, family, business partners, teachers, and other musicians. Broken into chronological order, the letters date back to his elementary school days and continue all the years of his life. It even includes a couple of notes written on December 8, 1980 (the night he was shot … and the day before my birthday … see why I might be his spirit!?)

The book is full of images, stories, and so much more. I was so touched and excited by receiving it that I started reading it almost immediately. However, I’ve changed my mind on reading it cover to cover. I’ve placed it on my coffee table for now and plan to thumb through it frequently as a source of inspiration.

If you’re a Beatle fan, a Lennon lover or a music aficionado, I’d recommend getting your own copy as quickly as you can get to a book store. You will not be disappointed! Also – there’s an app, too. (Nerd alert!)

63028_434217457841_6552785_n(My mom, sister and I in front of a John Lennon exhibit in NYC.)

Image 1: Source. Image 2: Mine.

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