Shopping in January {A Gift Guide}

I know. You’re about done with shopping lists, wrapping paper, and gift-giving in general. Why could we possibly need a gift guide in January?

Because some people are born in January. Like my sister.

Having an early January birthday must be terribly challenging. Everyone is tired of celebrating, maxed out on parties, and committed to resolutions that likely impact their fun quotient (negatively). Poor January babies.

And what is left to buy? They’ve likely gotten everything they could possibly need for Christmas or purchased whatever they wanted with gift cards or gifted money.

So, huh. What do you get a January baby? Specifically, what do you get your 27 year-old little sister who’s a stylish mom, vegetarian, and hard-working food broker with limited time and a lot goals?

I’m thinking a few things that might help her with potential new year resolutions.

A tee that might serve as a reminder to be punctual.


Dieting, anyone? How about wine for dinner? OR maybe a stockpile of tags to remember to always bring a hostess gift.


A lovely sampling of beauty products delivered once a month that can help her take a few minutes to pamper herself each night. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through …


And last, a gift that helps someone else.

w-pewter-metallic-woven-h-f11_1I need to finalize her gift and get it shipped cross-country ASAP.

If you’re shopping for a friend or family member who was born in January, are you always at a loss for ideas? Shopping at the last minute? Or do you just tell ’em the Christmas gift was a combo??


2 thoughts on “Shopping in January {A Gift Guide}

  1. i love this for fairly obvious reasons!!! and yes, we’re having organic bean pasta (low carb, high protien) with shrimp and salad for dinner, and we’re staying in since everyone is broke! and… all of the above is acceptable. :) love you. xoxo

    also, if you want to give another gift that helps others, you can donate to help find a cure for EB:)

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