Feeling Artsy

A few weeks ago, we went to a good friend’s art show. It was a great night … dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant, catching up with old friends, and fantastic art.

We lent a piece we had previously purchased from the artist back to him for the show. I kept telling everyone it was ‘on loan from our collection.’ Like we’re fancy. Like we have an art collection.

So, the night was going great and I was really enjoying my wine. My spouse and I were looking at the artwork we could purchase and found ourselves drawn to two different pieces. Being reasonable, my spouse was willing to settle on the one I liked best. Being unreasonable (and tipsy), I proclaimed that we’d buy both.


I can’t say I’m sad it happened … I love them both and believe they’re better as a set. I have to admit it stung a little writing the check but I’m happy to know that we supported our friend and we have two new beautiful pieces of art for our ‘collection.’

Here they are, what do you think?? I think he is incredibly talented.

KoiFish Crow


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