Thankful Thursday: Achievement

It’s the first Thankful Thursday of 2013!

Excited? I am.

Today, I am thankful for the 2012 resolutions that I made last year and, surprisingly, achieved! I am thankful for the flutter of excitement I get when I cross items off a to do list. It’s SO fulfilling. Don’t you agree, list-nerds? Ooo … I have goosebumps.

Honestly, I was kind of dreading a 2012 resolution recap because I wasn’t entirely sure that I achieved anything I set out to do this year. But, when I pulled out the 12 in 2012 (isn’t number alliteration great?… do you think that’s what that’s called, number alliteration? we call it that), I was delighted to see that I had finished up several things I’d set out to do this year!

2012 Physical Goals

1. Lose the ‘baby weight’ by end of year + 6 pounds. Check++. Baby keeps mama moving.

2. Run the Bolder Boulder in May. Boom. Slowest 10k of my life but I did it.

3. Run a half-marathon in the fall.  Fail. Didn’t even get close. I went to the race … and then did the 5k instead. Epic.Fail.

2012 Financial Goals

4. Put 10% of salary into savings. Half-successful. Kind of underestimated how much hospital bills and diapers would be.

5. Execute 2012 plan and exceed goals at work. Partially achieved. I did most of what I set out to do this year (including a full re-branding) but have a few work goals that I can’t cross off the list just yet.

6. Explore freelance writing projects. Failed with a twist. I didn’t get paid to write anything this year but I did write for and submit my work to a few blogs other than my own.

2012 Spiritual Goals

7. Spend five minutes a day praying/meditating. As a new mom, do I even need to say I failed at securing 5 quiet minutes a day? I’m sure its obvious that I wrote this goal before I had a child.

8. Continue to volunteer as a lector at church. Done-diddly-done. Once a month and sometimes more.

9. Limit volunteer commitments to those that truly resonate with my values. Check! Interested in joining the Junior League of Fort Collins? Email me!

2012 Emotional Goals

10. Read two books a month. Found a loophole. If you count books like On the Night You Were Born and Baby Animal Touch and Feel, I have blown this goal out of the water.

11. Enter a writing contest (re-resoluted from 2011). Fail. If chickening out of entering writing contests is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

12. Spend more quality time with friends and family. Check! Shocked a little by this one. I thought being a new mom would make maintaining other relationships difficult but I feel that I’ve actually made more friends and become even closer with many people this year. I think its my tiny man … he’s a chic magnet.

So there we have it. Only a couple of absolute failures, lots of progress, and several pats on my own back. I have to say I’m surprised by and extremely thankful for the twelve of 2012. Kind of the icing on the cake to pretty spectacular year!

Happy Thankful Thursday!! What are you thankful for today?

Want more list love? Check out my 2011 resolutions.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Achievement

  1. Stacey, you are a true inspiration! And an amazingly sincere woman. Glad to see how much u accomplished on ur list (I am a also a huge list maker and totally get that feeling!) and also glad to read your honesty and accountability for those things u didnt accomplish. First and foremost, u didnt mention that U GAVE birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy and accomplished the transition into motherhood. Well done. Second, u had some pretty lofty goals this year my friend. 2 books a month!!! Plus full time job, plus mommy, plus wife, sister, friend, writer, workout enthusiast. Geez, I love reading also and thats a huge one for me every year but realistically I’m at @ 6 books a year. Time is a gem.
    Also, i think u should keep some of these for 2013 – ESP the published paid writer. I’m going to see how I can help here…
    What else do u have ear marked for 2013??
    Having a hard time coming up with my goals this year… Other than to be patient, punctual and professional!!
    Thanks for sharing! This was a great read as always!

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