Here’s to Two Thousand Thirteen

Happy New Year!

I hope you had the most fabulous New Year’s Eve. Mine included a glass of champagne, good friends, and smooching my spouse at midnight. A perfect start to the year!

The new year of course brings the opportunity to start fresh and set goals. List-lover that I am, I always look forward to new year resolutions but in 2013 I’m taking a different approach. Don’t get me wrong, I have a handful of specific hopes (and plenty of lists to come) for 2013 but instead of writing a numbered set of goals, this year I’m going to focus on two words: action and gratitude.

I make a lot of plans and write a lot of lists but this year I’m going to get things done and appreciate every day and every stage of life for what it is.  For example, right now I don’t have the house I dream about. Instead of making plans for the next house and wishing for more space, I can make the one I have more enjoyable by making my bed every day, spending 15 minutes each evening on light cleaning, and taking on DIY home projects. I can also reflect on how lucky I am to have my home and appreciate the time we’ve spent in our first home (and the home where my baby was born).

It may not sound very exciting but I resolve to focus on simple, small actions that maximize every day (and ultimately help achieve bigger goals) while giving thanks for my current stage of life.

What kind of actions will I take? You know, the basics: flossing daily, exercising regularly, reading a story to the baby every night, daily prayer, being punctual, walking my dogs, saving money. Stuff like that. And, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things that I’ve put on previous lists that were never crossed off. Maximizing every day could be made just a bit sweeter by crossing off those nagging ‘to do’ items I’ve been wanting to accomplish for so long.

How will I focus on gratitude? Instead of constantly looking forward, I hope to achieve a greater sense of appreciation for all the little (and big) parts of the current day-to-day.

I think that focusing daily on small actions and making a conscious effort to be more thankful will allow me to live every day in 2013 to its fullest while slowly propelling me towards long-term goals.

What about you? Do you make resolutions? Do you plan to do something new/different/better in 2013?


One thought on “Here’s to Two Thousand Thirteen

  1. I love that you are focusing on gratitude. I feel like people rarely say thank you anymore. There’s an expectation that people will help, in whatever the situation happens to be – and that expectation is unfortunately rarely followed up with a simple thanks.

    I’ve been working hard this past year to remember to thank the people that help me out along the way, whether that’s a simple re-tweet on Twitter or something bigger.

    People are so quick to criticize and complain – and we have so many platforms on which we can do this on social media, for example – but they aren’t as quick on the draw with a thank you, which is just as easy, if not easier.

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