Classic Movie Review: Holiday Inn

It’s been awhile since I’ve critiqued a classic film (unless you count this annual post). And since Christmas is a short fourteen days away, it seemed appropriate to revisit this past hobby by telling you about one of my favorite yuletide classics: Holiday Inn.

Whilst perusing the internet for images of Bing & Fred, I stumbled upon this post on the Hairpin which basically said everything I was going to say … only better. But, if you didn’t click the link and are still reading (I love you), I don’t want to disappoint so here it goes.

Setting: Showbiz in the 1940’s. Who: Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby are a dynamic song-and-dance-duo and they’ve got a lovely brunette (Virginia Dale) who plays them up against each other in their act.


Plot: Well, turns out she’s playing them in real life, too. She breaks Bing’s heart to run off with Fred. I don’t know what she was thinking … I’d take a doe-eyed crooner over a skinny male dancer any day. To each their own.

Bing moves to the countryside and leaves his life in the limelight behind. He decides to turn his country home into an establishment devoted solely to celebrating holidays (read: Holiday Inn). Dancers, singers, waiters, and busboys fill the inn to serve and entertain fancy folks in fabulous gowns. But one of the new staff stands out – a pretty blonde (Marjorie Reynolds). Sure enough, she and Bing are smitten for each other and, much like things were done back then, he proposes on the third date.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, good old Fred shows up with a fresh wound from the lovely brunette. He performs the best drunk dancing ever captured on film and falls in love in his stupor …. with the pretty blonde. Oh no!

So, does she run off with Fred, too?

But, what about Bing? What happens to the Inn?

Is there a fabulous housekeeper named Mamie who speaks in the third-person?

Cliff-hanger blog post!

I’m not going to ruin the ending for you.  If you haven’t seen the good old black and white holiday classic, I recommend you stream it asap. You’ll enjoy the original version of White Christmas as well as Bing Crosby singing to a turkey (you know how I feel about turkeys) and fabulous to-the-elbow gloves. (Who wears gloves like that now!? No one!)

Bonus: you get a sappy-sweet story about holidays, love and enduring (although damaging) friendships. AND you get to watch Bing Crosby sing and Fred Astaire dance …. do you need more reasons to watch?

Pour some egg nog, break out the Christmas cookies, and kick back to enjoy this holiday classic! Happy Holidays…bing bong bing!


Images source.

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