How to Turn Thirty-Two

Ten easy steps for celebrating the start of your thirty-second year.

Step 1. Tell everyone you’re 29.

Step 2. Wear something mildly inappropriate for your age, like red pants and cropped blazer.

Step 3. Do a grown-up activity, like go to an art show.

Step 4. Drink too much wine.

Step 5. Sleep in and snuggle with a tiny baby and two dogs.

Step 6. Pluck three grey hairs from head.

Step 7. Do a grown-up task, like design Christmas cards and gifts for family.

Step 8. Repeat step 4.

Step 9. Count the laugh lines around your eyes.

Step 10. Eat a grown-up lunch, like champagne and oysters.

And that’s how you turn thirty-two …. so I hear. I’m only 29.


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