Yule Crack Up!

It’s HERE!!!!!

I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR LONG for tonight! It’s the annual viewing of Christmas Vacation and Elf!

As some of my long-time readers know, November 1st is my official kick-off to Christmas. We celebrate the blessed day with fellow yuletide enthusiasts by watching the cinematic treasure that is Christmas Vacation.  We cook chili and cinnamon rolls for dinner, drink egg nog, and dress up as our favorite characters. It’s AWESOME.

Tonight is the night and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s party! I have my character-inspired costume all ready to go (I can’t tell you what it is but I’ll be sure to post pics later) and I have stocked up on moose mugs for egg nog. Like, the moose mugs…from the movie.  I am a little crazy excited about the moose mugs.

If you’re not familiar with the celebration, read all about why I love this day so much here: What Christmas Vacation Means to Me.

Remember: The most enjoying traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin. Happy Holidays!


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