Fort Collins Love: Fall Gardens

On Saturday afternoon, I was bored.

No, not bored. I was restless. I had cleaned the house, I ran some errands, I had played with the little guy, and rumbled with the dogs. Besides ironing clothes (lame), I had little to do.

So, I went somewhere I’ve never been before – the Gardens On Spring Creek.

Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, let me tell you (in case you didn’t know) I LOVE Fort Collins. It’s truly my favorite place in the world and I count my blessings every day for getting to live here. Really, it’s my favorite place. During awkward ice breakers when people ask, “If you could live anywhere…?” My answer: I already live there. (Awwww shucks, Fort Collins.)

Now that we’re on the same page, I love this town and the Gardens On Spring Creek reaffirmed how much I enjoy this small city.

The Gardens on Spring Creek is our community botanic gardens. Their mission: To improve the lives of people and foster environmental stewardship through horticulture. 

Good stuff.

I went on Harvest Day; a little celebration and fundraiser they hosted on the first day of fall. JLFC volunteered to help with the festivities (I had forgotten to sign up because I’m extremely flaky) and, deciding it was better late than never, I went out to see if I could help.

Not surprisingly, they didn’t need me. I took this as good news because I was now free to wander the gardens (guilt-free) and take in a gorgeous fall afternoon.

Each garden had a little theme or purpose. I loved walking through the koi fish ponds in the Children’s Garden and I checked out the Rock Garden which I liked more than I expected.

My absolute favorite spot was the Garden of Eatin’. Yup – a vegetable garden! The best part: all of the produce is donated to the local food bank. Man, I love this town.

It was very relaxing to wander around the quiet gardens. Even my tiny dude enjoyed being pushed in his stroller through the plants and flowers….he was weirdly calm through it all. It definitely settled my restless mind and gave me a nice and fuzzy ‘one with nature’ feeling (or something). It was a good day.

If you find yourself with a free afternoon or morning in FC, I definitely recommend checking out the Gardens on Spring Creek. You’ll love it!

P.S. I hear they have an awesome Christmas display!


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