One Good Tip: Two Extra Glasses

So, I’m reading this book: French Women Don’t Get Fat.

I borrowed it from the library (I still do real books from the ‘brary) because for some unknown reason I believe that it isn’t your typical diet book.

I’ve been turning the pages for the last couple of evenings taking in the advice and the occasional french words. Most nights I enjoy a slice of cinnamon bread or ice cream while I read. Eat sweets while reading a weight loss manual …meh, why not?

When I got to the advice to eat nothing but leek soup for two days, I thought, “Oh dang, this is another diet book.”

Then I got to the section about how she got fat. She described all the delicious french pastries she consumed in France (blaming her American eating habits for the real problem) which resulted in her packing on the pounds. While I read about eclairs, croissants and tarts, I glared at my cinnamon bread in disgust. “Why aren’t you french?,” I asked the little loaf.

I started to think maybe I was missing the point of the book.

But then, I finally got to the good stuff. The stuff I believed the book was really about…the lifestyle. How to live like an elegant French woman – all trim and fancy –  while eating eclairs and drinking champagne. (That’s what French women do, right? Oh. And they were size 2 designer jeans.)

While I’m just at the beginning chapter of the lifestyle section, I did get one useful tip right away that I’ve already started to use. Drink more water.

Uh, le duh.

You’re wondering why you bothered ready this rambling blog, aren’t you? Hear me out. We all know we need eight glasses of water a day and we all do our best to guzzle H2O but how many of us really keep track? Her advice: just add two glasses a day to what you already take in.

First thing in the morning when you wake up and right before you go to bed drink a full glass of water. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of days and I’m surprised at the little jolt of energy I get in the morning (I still brew a pot of coffee but it’s a nice kick-starter). And I enjoy going to bed feeling hydrated and not needing to put chap-stick on my lips.

It’s a simple little trick (that took me too many words to explain) but I think you’ll all find it just as beneficial and enjoyable as I do.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share the secrets of sipping bubbly and sampling pastries in a size 2 designer jeans as soon as I read about it.


2 thoughts on “One Good Tip: Two Extra Glasses

  1. i love that book. that book is the reason i was able to loose so much weight! everything in moderation, don’t diet, and dont live at the gym.

    ALL manageable:)

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