Thankful Thursday: Long Days & Link Love

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, the longest day of the year, was glorious!

Okay, ‘glorious’ is a bit strong for a day in the office, followed by running errands and a frozen lasagna dinner. Side Note: I hate to admit I eat things like ‘frozen lasagna’…makes me feel like Garfield…. but it was a busy day and we needed fast, fast, fast. We can’t be all gourmet meals all the time, now can we? But still, I should probably get on a more healthy fast, fast, fast plan and cook my own lasagna to freeze, etc. We’re working on things…we’re working on them.

Anyway, I digress. It was clearly a busy (kind of exhausting) day but when I woke up at 5am to baby cries, it was light outside. And when I put the sleepy, little angel down for the night, it was still light outside.

What the What?! Sleeping baby and it’s LIGHT OUT! Horray!! I considered drinking…but thought better of it as today doesn’t look any less busy. Instead, mama had some time to relax before bed so I decided to revisit all the bloggers that I used to follow on a daily basis. Now, that was glorious.

And I learned some shtuff that I thought you might like:

Plumb Shabby goes thrift shopping every Saturday and shares her finds here. (She’s AWESOME!)

Yes and Yes is looking for writers for her Mini Travel Guide Series. Get the deets here.

Cup of Joe taught me that Peach is IN this summer. (Planning on peachy hue during my pedicure later today).

Also, somehow my friend Jesse already knew peach was the thing this summer and has been sportin’ peachy-peach toesies all summer. There aren’t any pics of her feet online but you can be impressed by her gorgeous photoblog  here to get a sense of how cool she is.

You Are My Fave gave me a great idea for an upcoming birthday. (I’m putting my own spin on it and, if successful, I’ll boast/blog about it later.)

Caitlin is keeping it real (with regard to weight loss and mindset) post-baby on Healthy Tipping Point.

Found a super-cute spin on a veggie tray over at Oh Happy Day.

What I Wore showed off an adorable outfit that I can’t wait to copy whenever we finally get a cool day and RAIN in CO.

One Sydney Road is doing an awesome, Paris-inspired, online pop-up shop. Check it out!

On today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the quiet, restful time last night and the oodles of inspiration I pulled from the lovely bloggers above (and many more who I haven’t listed).

Hope you enjoy the links above and long days of summer as much as I have! Happy Thankful Thursday!


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