Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Solstice!

It has been hot, hot, hot in Colorado. But, despite our raging temps, I couldn’t be happier that my favorite season has arrived!

This summer is extra special because I get to share it with my little guy….it’s his first summer ever! That means his first camping trip (hopefully), his first day at the pool, his first 4th of July, his first picnic, his first Labor Day, his first pair of sunglasses, his first time in swim trunks…..

The list goes on and on! I am thrilled to share these special moments with the little dude and am looking forward to a summer full of fun, sunshine, and memories. There are so many things to do in the summer months….I’m thinking a Summer List might be in order!

But, Stacey, shouldn’t you finish your Baby List and 30 Before 30 List first?


Okay. You’re right. I do have a few updates on the Baby List that I never shared which I promise to post soon. And I’m working on those Classic books and flat abs I never finished before 30. I think adding a few summer-inspired ‘to do’s’ will be just the thing we need to get this blog in full swing again (oh yeah…sorry for my absence…being a mom is time-consuming).

So, the Summer List is on its way….. In the meantime, bust out your sunnies, unwrap a frozen treat, and enjoy the summer sun!

Mom and Baby Summer via Patterson Maker

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