Thankful Friday

Who says we only have to be thankful on Thursday? Since I missed yesterday’s Thankful Thursday post, I thought I’d share what I’m most thankful for today.

Since I’ve returned to work and officially become a ‘working mom,’ finding time to blog, workout, and keep up with everything else has become impossible. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the future holds and keep going back to this post, trying to figure out how to manage all the different aspects of life that are important to me.

While I’m uncertain about how long it’ll take to prioritize and create a schedule that works for my little family, I am certain that I couldn’t have survived the last two weeks without one person. And that was this lady:

My Mom.

Mom stayed with the spouse, baby, and I for the last several weeks so that she could help me transition back to work full-time. Without her here to calm the little one when he was upset, run to the store for groceries or diapers, or take me out to lunch so I could take a break, I wouldn’t have survived my first two weeks of the balancing act that is now my life.

She listened to me vent, gave me advice, and nodded in agreement when I explained irrational fears and worries. She changed diapers, warmed bottles, cuddled the baby, and took him on walks. She gave the spouse and I several nights ‘off’ to enjoy dinner out, a concert, and even attend a meeting or go fishing (I didn’t go fishing but that’s what the spouse did with some of his free time).

So, on today’s Thankful Friday, I am so very thankful for my mom (who is celebrating her birthday today!). I’m thankful for her time here, the example she’s given me to be a good mom, and for her love.

Thank you, Mom!! And have a wonderful birthday!!


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