Hello New Day: 3 Months!

Today is the little man’s three-month birthday!

For the first two months he was a sweet sleepy infant but all of a sudden he’s become a bouncing baby boy. He’s been cooing and blowing raspberries, he discovered he has hands (’cause I finally got the guts to trim his little fingernails and stopped making him wear mitts all the time), and he’s just this close to rolling over.

He’s been exploring his world – surprised by the sights, sounds, and adventures that each new day brings. And I’m watching his discoveries – shocked at the exponential rate that my love for him compounds.

I’m so very thankful for this little man. Quite honestly, I have no words to describe how much I love him.

Happy 3-Month Birthday, my sweet baby boy!!! Daddy and I love you so very much!

Here he is at 2 Months and 1 Month….he’s grown so much!


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