Thankful Thursday: Visitors

Happy Thursday!

This week has been C.R.A.Z.Y!! And this week isn’t the only thing that’s crazy. I tell ya what, there are some mood swings that come with being a new mom. I think my spouse has been going to work early and staying late to avoid me. Seriously.

Anyway, the end of this nutty week is approaching and I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend!


Well, I’m so glad you asked. My whole family is coming in for my little guy’s baptism! Our house will be full of visitors and I absolutely can’t wait to see my family. Especially my little nephew!

I am so very thankful that we have company coming because having visitors gets me motivated! I’ve been busting my no-so-little rear end to get our house in its most presentable shape. Deep cleaning that I never do is getting done. Photos are being framed and hung. Heck, even the dogs are looking their best after a bath, pedicure, and teeth brushing (I totally brush the pug’s teeth…his breath is disgusting). I was even making a little list of baked goods I might whip up in honor of the guests.

Oh, if only I was this motivated to be a homemaker all the time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this:

Was this?

(with a smaller head of course…wouldn’t want to scare the baby)

You guys didn’t know I was such a whiz with Photoshop, didya?

Anyway, on today’s Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for visitors because they have indirectly provided me with a clean home, a lot of completed tasks, and a yummy selection of baked goods.

Oh…and cause I love them.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


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