Here’s to Moms!

Happy Friday, readers!


Do you all have plans for Mother’s Day? I have to admit I’m a little extra excited this year as it’s my first Mother’s Day with my baby boy (I’ve had several Mother’s Days with my dog children). We don’t have any big plans…. just snuggling with the baby, playing with the puppies, and maybe a visit to Jax (my favorite restaurant in Fort Collins).

In celebration of all the moms out there, I rounded up a few of my older posts about fantastic moms I know (including several about my own mom). Enjoy reading about these wonderful women and have a great weekend!

Word to Yo’ Motha

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Thankful Thursday: Leaders

Workout Wednesday: Role Model

Best Friends

Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Moms!

  1. Oh my……Thank you sweetheart….
    You and Kate have made me so proud to be your mom and a grandma. It’s a blessing to see the way you take care, love, and enjoy your own little boys…..what an exciting Mother’s Day celebration!!! I love you and can’t wait to see you!! Have a Beautiful Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your mom, Stacey. The first Mother’s Day is the best!!! And then it just gets better from there.

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