To My Dotz

Today is a sad day in my family. Today we held a funeral mass for my grandfather who passed away last week. It is with a heavy heart that I write this post and wish more than anything that I could be on the east coast with my family during this difficult time.

When I was a little one, my parents tried to teach me to say Grandad, Grandpa, Grandpop, or some iteration of Grandfather. But I could not be trained. When I looked at my father’s father, I lovingly yelled out, “Dotz!” And it stuck.

Dotz was one of the greatest men I’ve ever known. He served during World War II, went to college, had a very strong faith, married my wonderful Nany, raised four children, had a successful career and retirement, and was always ready to entertain his grandchildren.

My memories of Dotz are full of happiness and much love. I remember visiting him in up-state New York when we were kids; I always looked forward to staying with them. And I remember how excited I was when he and Nany moved to Wyoming. I believe they moved to the great state of WY to be close to us, but he always told me it was because the taxes were cheaper. ;)

Of course, as any grandfather would, my Dotz was there for my graduations, confirmation, birthdays, wedding, and pretty much all life events. He always greeted me with a big kiss and hug and every time I told him I loved him he said, “You better!” He never really acknowledged our pug as an actual dog, but I know he loved Barley in his own way (he called him an overgrown gerbil).

Dotz always made me giggle and always made me feel special. He was excited for my pregnancy and couldn’t wait to meet my little boy. It brings tears to my eyes to know that my baby won’t get to know the man that Dotz was but I am comforted in knowing that Dotz is always watching over him.

I am so very thankful to have known my Dotz. I ache for my Nany, my Dad, and my aunts and uncle who mourn him today but know in my heart he’s with his Lord and watching over all of us.

I love you, Dotz and I’ll miss you so very much.


2 thoughts on “To My Dotz

  1. That was a beautiful tribute to Dotz……one of your best. He already was, but would have been even more proud of you, had he read it. I love the photos, especially the one that shows how much he loves your Nany….

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