Thankful Thursday: Change

Happy Thursday!

Last Sunday, I was hanging out at a plant nursery and I stumbled upon this frog.

I immediately started giggling at a memory from a rehearsal dinner six years ago. A dear friend of mine looked over at the host’s garden and saw a similar statue of a pondering amphibian and said, “That frog makes me think.” Naturally, all the guests in the vicinity looked from her to the frog and then back to her and burst out giggling.

While that may not strike too many of you as funny (maybe you had to be there) I tell the story because as I looked at that thinking frog, I realized how much has changed since the night of my comedic friend’s statement. Oddly enough, that frog got me thinking.

I thought about the happy changes that have occurred to my family and friends; having children, new homes, graduations, new jobs, engagements and other expected, positive life events. And then there’s been the harder changes; loss, illness, broken relationships, and impacts of a failing economy.

Personally, the changes that have impacted me the most have been in the last two years (six years ago when the frog statement was said I was married, living in the same house, had the same job, etc). But, two years ago, I woke up one day realizing that I wasn’t very happy with many aspects of life. Determined to change, I started the list. Fast forward a little more than a year and the biggest change of my life occurred, I got pregnant.

And today, I am extremely thankful for those changes. The list helped me out of the negative place I was in. It helped me achieve goals I wasn’t sure I could do and gave me confidence in my abilities. And being pregnant taught me so very much about what is important to me, allowed me to finally accept my body, and really helped me get so many aspects of life in order to prepare for the new addition.

Without the changes of the last two years, I know I wouldn’t be in the good place that I am today. Spending the last several weeks with my little boy and learning to be a mom has been the most fulfilling change yet. With every day, he changes as he grows and develops at an astounding rate. I can’t wait to see what changes the future brings!

P.S. I chopped off all my hair, too. Here’s to changes!


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